Sri Lanka Military Academy

Serve to Lead

14th September 2019 15:32:41 Hours


“Games Night 2019” of Intakes 87, 88, 87B, 59(V), Lady intake 17, l6(V) and KDU 37 was glamorously held on 14th September 2019 at the Sino-Lanka Auditorium premises where the Commandant, Brig S K Eshwaran was the Chief Guest together with the Deputy Commandant, Brig Keerthi Kottewatte, all Wing Heads and most of the faculty members. The event was a wonderful opportunity for cadets to meet their parents, family members and relatives. The event offered the undergraduates firsthand experience in organizing a social event.

The event consisted of a number of exciting games such as, Breaking Tins, Spin and Win, Needle Game, Mini Golf, Coin Dropping and so on for the fun and entertainment of participants while the Horror House attracted the enjoying crowd the most. The Tombola Game was the main event of the night that gave away amazing cash prizes. Food and beverage stalls kept everyone out of hunger while DJ and the Academy band, “The Lead” together with the dancing troupe provided uninterrupted entertainment. All the participants had a great evening at “Games Night 2019.”