Sri Lanka Military Academy

Serve to Lead

22nd August 2019 17:26:52 Hours


The Sri Lanka Military Academy in commemorating the 27th Academy Day, organized religious and social activities under the guidance of the Commandant, Brigadier Shantha Eshwaran. Shramadana campaign was launched at the Diyatalawa Base Hospital on 18th August 2019.

On 19th morning, multi-religious activities were conducted at places of religions with the participation of the Deputy Commandant, Wing Heads and a cross section of Officers, Officer Cadets and Other Ranks. Further, the fallen war heroes were remembered on 19th evening at the Academy War Heroes Monument which was graced by the Commandant, Deputy Commandant, all wing heads and Academy staff. On 20th morning, a ceremonial parade consisting of eight squads commanded by the Chief Instructor of the Military Training Wing was held at the parade ground with the participation of entire staff and trainee officer cadets.

The colourful procession, a collaborative effort of all Wings, was held on 21th evening, which paved the way for officer cadets to exhibit their aesthetic skills by performing the roles of whip-crackers, flag bearers, drummers, dancers and firebrands bringing delight to onlookers. Afterwards, an overnight pirith chanting ceremony was held at the Gymnasium with the participation of the Deputy Commandant, Wing Heads, officers, civil employees and officer cadets. The Chief Prelate of the Ellagame temple showered blessings on the Academy, its staff, trainees and also remembered the fallen warriors. On the following morning, an alms-giving for fifteen Buddhist monks was held and it was attended by all officers, Other Ranks and trainees. The all ranks lunch organized by the Administration Wing and arranged at the “Torch Cinema” premises marked the conclusion of the 27th anniversary celebrations of the Academy.