Sri Lanka Military Academy

Serve to Lead

24th July 2019 15:40:29 Hours


The Opening Address of Intake 89 and 90 was held at the new Auditorium on 24th July 2019. Having warmly welcomed 102 Officer Cadets (88 Officer Cadets from Intake 89 and 14 Officer cadets from Intake 90) to the SLMA, the Commandant Brigadier S K Eshwaran USP psc Hdmc, emphasized the salient aspects of basic military training such as the transformation process from civil life to military life, responsibilities of trainees during their training period and the strong bondage among batch mates in pursuit of successful completion of training. Finally, the Commandant added his heartiest blessings to them in achieving their”Childhood Dream” of becoming an officer cadet.

The Wing Heads, Senior Officers, Company Commanders, English Lecturers/Instructors, Course Officers and NCO Instructors of the course participated in the ceremony.