Sri Lanka Military Academy

Serve to Lead

18th June 2019 11:30:46 Hours


Twenty-three lady and gentleman Officer Cadets of DE I/2019, who began their military training on 28th February 2019 received their course completion certificates at a special ceremony held at the new Auditorium of the HQ Complex on 15th June 2019. The Commandant, Brigadier Shantha Eshwaran graced the ceremony as the Chief Guest while the Deputy Commandant, Wing Heads, Company Commanders and Course Officers also attended the event. The Chief Guest during his closing address appreciated the decision made by these trainees to join the Army and underscored professional behaviour, responsibilities of army officers, optimism, leadership and military acclimatization essential for career progression and personality development in their respective fields.

The intensive military package was comprised of essentials of military teachings such as Service Writing, Regimental Accounts, Military Law, Drill, Weapons Training, Leadership and Admin in the Field with a touch of a few field exercises; Exercise Samanala Tharanaya, Nightmare, God King and Knock Out. Upon leaving the Military Academy, they will be serving the Corps of Engineer Services, Sri Lanka Army Medical Corps and Sri Lanka Army General Service Corps depending on their professional qualifications and enlistment criteria.

Officer Cadet WPDL Silva who topped the batch received a special prize from the Commandant for his outstanding performance.

Finally, a special banquet for these Officer Cadets was hosted at the Officer Cadets’ Mess on 15th evening to celebrate their successful completion of the course.