Sri Lanka Military Academy

Serve to Lead

05th March 2019 16:18:16 Hours


The “Exercise Frozen Trout” is one of the main field exercises in the cadet curriculum and it is conducted in the penultimate term of training.

It was conducted from 25th February to 03rd March 2019 at Ambewela and Pattipola general areas in a conventional setting, where eighty-nine officer cadets of Intake 88 and 59 (V) were extensively tested in all four phases of war. The exercise bestowed realism with ample opportunities for appointment holders, in particular, to gain experience in handling troops in a battle situation. The trainees experienced on planning and sending recce/fighting patrols to gather intelligence, laying ambushes, launching and repulsing of counter attacks under extreme weather conditions etc.

The Commandant, Brigadier S K Eshwaran visited the exercise area on the final day of the exercise.