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HQ 3 Div was initially established in PALLEKALE, KANDY in 1989.

With the breaking of hostilities, in 1990 a requirement arised to estb a Ops Comd in the East. Hence the Eastern Ops Comd was estb at AMP. Later these two HQs were amalgamated and HQ 3 Div was estb at AMP and moved to BCO in 1992.

In 1997, HQ 3 Div was renamed as a HQ 23 Div and relocated at MIN.

With the expansion of the Army, HQ SF (East) was estb at MIN and HQ 23 Div was relocated WLK on 2003.

Due to the Ops reqmt, HQ SF (E) was relocated at WLK and HQ 23 Div was moved to PNN on 18 Nov 2008.

Major General S A Kulatunge RWP RSP VSV USP psc
Genaral Officer Commanding
23 Infantry Division

Past GOCs

3 Division
Maj Gen G H De Silva RWP ndc 1990.01.01 1992.08.09
Maj Gen C L Algama ndc 1992.08.09 1994.03.12
Maj Gen W R Wijerathna 1994.03.12 1994.12.30
Maj Gen  H S Hapuarachchi 1994.12.30 1995.07.03
Brig N K B Angammana RSP psc 1995.07.03 1995.07.30
Maj Gen H S Hapuarachchi 1995.07.30 1995.08.28
Brig D Kalupahana RSP psc 1995.08.28 1995.11.15
Maj Gen A S Peiris RSP USP IG 1995.11.15 1995.12.19
Brig P S P Munasinghe RWP RSP USP 1995.12.19 1997.05.23
Brig  A E D Eijendra RSP USP psc 1997.05.23 1997.07.23
23 Division
Brig A E D Eijendra RSP USP psc 1997.07.23 1997.08.13
Brig N R Marambe USP psc 1997.08.13 1998.01.10
Maj Gen  K J C Perera RWP RSP USP rcdc psc Msc(Def) 1998.01.10 1999.04.08
Maj Gen A M C W B Senavirathne USP psc 1999.04.10 2000.01.19
Maj Gen M D S Chandrapala RSP USP psc 2000.01.19 2000.11.18
Maj Gen N Mallawaarachchi RWP USP psc 2000.11.18 2002.01.02
Maj Gen S D Thennakoon RSP IG 2002.01.02 2002.08.14
Brig S R Balasooriya USP psc IG 2002.08.14 2004.01.05
Brig  V N Wijayagoonawardana RSP USP Ldmc 2004.01.05 2005.02.07
Maj Gen V N Wijayagoonawardana RSP USP Ldmc 2005.02.07 2005.04.05
Brig T W Jayawardena RWP RSP psc 2005.04.05 2005.07.26
Maj Gen T W Jayawardena RWP RSP psc 2005.07.26 2005.12.21
Brig R M D Rathnayaka RWP RSP USP psc 2005.12.21 2007.04.12
Maj Gen R M D Rathnayaka RWP RSP USP psc 2007.04.12 2007.08.28
Brig W B D P Fernando RWP RSP USP psc 2007.08.28 2009.08.07
Brig R A Nugera WWV RWP RSP  2009.08.07 2009.12.04
Brig M H S B Perera RWP RSP psc 2009.12.04 2010.06.30
Maj Gen M H S B Perera RWP RSP psc 2010.06.30 2010.12.31
Brig L M Mudalige RWP RSP 2011.02.10 2012.03.27
Brig R W W A D B Rajaguru RWP RSP USP psc 2012.03.28 2013.01.06
Brig A A Kodippily RSP 2013.01.07 2014.10.05
Brig D D U K Hettiarachchi RSP USP psc 2014.10.23 2015.02.14
Maj Gen D D U K Hettiarachchi RSP USP ndu psc 2015.02.14 2016.11.01
Maj Gen H W S D B Pananwala RSP ndu 2016.11.03 2017.11.01
Brig B V D P Abeynayake USP ndu 2017.11.06 2018.11.01
Maj Gen W A K B Udalupola RSP 2018.11.01 2019.11.18
Brig A G D N Jayasundara RWP RSP 2019.11.20 2019.12.16
Maj Gen A G D N Jayasundara RWP RSP 2019.12.16 2020.10.29
Maj Gen C D Ranasinghe RWP RSP 2020.10.29 2021.01.20
Brig K A N N Koswatte RWP RSP ndu 2021.01.20 2021.02.04
Maj Gen K A N N Koswatte RWP RSP ndu 2021.02.04 2022.05.06
Maj Gen S A Kulatunge RWP VSV RSP USP psc 2022.05.06 Up to date

Contact Details of Div HQ

Postal Address :- HQ 23 Division, Army Camp, Punani
Email Address :- 23div@army.lk, hq23division@yahoo.com
Telephone Numbers : 0273278977, 0273278966
Fax Numbers : --