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Logistics Command (East)

Hisrtory of Logistics Command (East)

Forward Maintenance Area (East) was raised in 1994 as per the AO published on on 14 Sep 1994 and placed under purview of Log Comd. This headquarters appointed of Comd, designated as Deputy Comd Log Comd (East) at the beginning. The first Comd of this HQ was the Col AOCN Fernando ato. In early stage this HQ has not been given permanent location to open the FMA headquarters, temporary located at the Forward Base Ordnance Depot (FBOD) Minneriya in 7 SLA premises. Though the HQ was established, no proper staff had been posted to the HQ at the opening,the therefore all the works had been performed with the help of FBOD (Min).

Later FMA HQ has been moved to a married quarter at 7 SLA premises and established FMA HQ place where the fuel pump is presently located. Due to the progressive expansion at the Army in 1995, demand for logistics supplies from the North and East were increased. In order to manage and co-ordinate logistics supply chain a necessity at proper headquarters was arose consequently FMA HQ had been shifted and then situation has arisen to have a proper place for the Headquarters for smooth functions, as result of which FMA HQ has been shifted to the RDA premises Minneriya. Further fwd element of FMA (East) established at the premises of the Fort Fedric in Trincomalee as per a logistics hub to the northern theatre to cater for high demands of logistic supplies.

The designation of the Deputy Comd, Log Comd (East) was re-designated and read as FMA (East), since then the headquarters functions as FMA (East). The FMA (East) HQ was relocated at the premises of SFHQ (East) Minneriya in 2000 and later moved to the present location. By then the Comd FMA (East) Maj Gen DRAB Jayathilaka in mid of the year 2006. Up to now, 24 x Comds have been commanded the FMA (East) so far and present commander is Maj Gen T M Abeyratne RSP Lsc.

Brigadier W M S N Wijekoon ndc AATO
Logistics Command (East)

Past Commanders

Logistics Command (East)
Col AOCN Fernando ato 1994.09.14 1994.12.27
Brig K Piyasoma USP 1994.12.28 1995.08.31
Col AOCN Fernando ato 1995.09.01 1995.12.24
Brig AOCN Fernando ato 1995.12.25 1996.01.08
Brig RMBP Ranasinghe USP 1996.01.09 1999.01.01
Brig HMN Krishnarathne RSP 1996.01.09 1999.01.01
Brig CSD Gunasinghe USP 2000.03.28 2000.07.14
Brig WGMUR Perera USP 2000.07.15 2003.05.21
Col DRNS Dembatapitiya USP 2003.05.22 2004.08.26
Col CME Chandrasekara RSP USP 2004.08.26 2005.02.14
Brig CME Chandrasekara RSP USP 2005.02.15 2005.12.17
Brig LM Samaraweera RWP RSP USP 2005.12.17 2006.08.03
Maj Gen LM Samaraweera RWP RSP USP 2006.08.03 2006.09.04
Maj Gen SAG Sooriyaarachchi USP 2006.09.04 2007.04.16
Maj Gen DRAB Jayathilake RWP RSP USP Ldmc 2007.04.16 2007.12.20
Maj Gen AWJC De Silva RWP RSP USP 2007.12.21 2008.10.15
Maj Gen DRAB Jayathilake RWP RSP USP Ldmc 2008.10.16 2009.07.21
Brig EP De Z Abeysekara USP 2009.07.22 2010.02.07
Brig EME Ambanpola USP 2010.02.08 2010.08.15
Col DGBK Rathnapala USP (Over Looking) 2012.01.13 2012.04.16
Brig DR Mayadunne RSP 2012.04.17 2014.05.14
Maj Gen DR Mayadunne RSP 2014.05.14 2014.09.24
Brig MHP Mihindukulasuriya USP psc Lsc 2014.09.24 2015.02.13
Maj Gen MHP Mihindukulasuriya USP psc Lsc 2015.02.14 2016.01.25
Brig AV Rupasinghe 2016.01.28 2016.07.15
Brig M Mudannayake RSP USP 2016.08.05 2016.10.18
Maj Gen M Mudannayake RSP USP 2016.10.19 2019.08.07
Maj Gen IOW Madola 2019.08.08 2020.01.31
Brig BB Randeniya 2020.02.01 2020.02.04
Maj Gen BB Randeniya 2020.02.05 2020.06.11
Brig WA Ariyaratne RWP RSP 2020.06.15 2021.02.19
Brig TM Abeyratne RSP Lsc 2021.02.24 2021.06.10
Maj Gen TM Abeyratne RSP Lsc 2021.06.10 2022.04.01
Brig KAWS Ratnayake ndu 2022.04.29 2022.05.17
Maj Gen KAWS Ratnayake ndu 2022.05.18 2022.09.21
Maj Gen HWDC Meththananda USP ndc 2022.09.19 2023.12.12
Brigadier W M S N Wijekoon ndc AATO 2023.12.26 Up to Date

Contact Details of Logistics Command (East)

Postal Address :- Headquarters, Logistics Command (East), Army Cantonment, Minneriya.
Email Address :- logcomde@army.lk
Telephone Numbers : 0272246869
Fax Numbers : 0272246869