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24 Infantry Division is the youngest Division in Sri Lanka Army and was initially raised as ‘Task Force 3’ at Mallavi, with 14 Officers and 36 Other Rankers during the Humanitarian Operation - North on 25 October 2008. Task Force 3 has actively engaged in Humanitarian Operation and later, it was re-formed as “24 Division” on 27 November 2013 and re-established at the present location Malwatta, Ampara on 27 January 2014. Subsequently, 24 Division was renamed as “24 Infantry Division” on 11 August 2020. 24 Infantry Division functions under the command of Security Force Headquarters (East) and 241, 242 Infantry Brigades are deployed under command to the Division.

24 Infantry Division is responsible for the security of entire Ampara District which is consists with 20 DS Divisions including 503 GN Divisions. Moreover, it covers 4221 SqKm in land mass, 194 SqKm of inland water and 112 Km of coastal line .Ampara district comprises with famous attractive places such as Arugam Bay, Kumana National Park, Gal Oya National Park, Senanayake Samudraya, Piyangala Cave and Point Sangaman among native and foreign visitors. Also Ampara district has a significant historical and religious value. Deegawapiya, Muhudu Maha Viharaya, Buddhangala, Magul Maha Viharaya, Kudumbigla Temple, Neelagiriya Viharaya and Kadatkarai Mosque are some of famous religious places which locate in Amapara district.Total population in the district is 794,868 with majority of Muslims (45%) and minorities are Sinhalese (37.3%), Tamils (17.2%) and others (0.5%).

Maj Gen SB Amunugama RWP RSP ndu
Genaral Officer Commanding
24 Division

Past GOCs

Task Force 3
Brig  SDT Liyanage RWP psc 25.10.2008  06.06.2009
Col  KLAS Wijesinghe RSP psc IG 10.06.2009 12.08.2009
Brig  KLAS Wijesinghe RSP psc IG 12.08.2009 10.02.2010
Brig  RA Nugera WWV RWP RSP 10.02.2010 08.02.2011
Brig SHFP Perera RSP 09.02.2011 27.11.2013
24 Division
Brig  SHFP Perera RSP 27.11.2013 06.01.2014
Brig HKP Peiris USP 07.01.2014 25.08.2014
Brig  PMR Bandara WWV USP ndu psc 26.08.2014 30.12.2014
Maj Gen PMR Bandara WWV USP ndu psc 30.12.2014 08.08.2016
Brig LM Mudalige RWP RSP ndu 08.08.2016 30.03.2017
Maj Gen LM Mudalige RWP RSP ndu 30.03.2017 09.07.2019
Brig A I Marasinghe RWP RSP 11.07.2019 14.08.2019
Maj Gen A I Marasinghe RWP RSP 15.08.2019 01.11.2019
Brig J C Gamage ndc psc 01.11.2019 07.11.2019
Maj Gen J C Gamage ndc psc 08.11.2019 07.08.2020
Maj Gen T D Weerakoon RWP RSP USP 07.08.2020 10.08.2021
24 Infantry Division
Maj Gen T D Weerakoon RWP RSP USP 10.08.2020 07.02.2021
Maj Gen A C Lamahewa WWP RWP RSP 08.02.2021 09.02.2022
Brig SB Amunugama RWP RSP ndu 10.02.2022 18.05.2022
Maj Gen SB Amunugama RWP RSP ndu 18.05.2022 Up to date

Contact Details of Div HQ

Postal Address :- Headquarters, 24 Division, Army Camp, Malwatta, Ampara.
Email Address :- 24div@army.lk
Telephone Numbers : 0632051574 / 0779028867
Fax Numbers : 0632051575