"Peacekeeping is not a soldier’s job, but only soldiers can do it"


The Institute of Peace Support Operations Training Sri Lanka (IPSOTSL) was inaugurated on 12 June 2004 with the participation of Tri Forces Commanders and the Inspector General of the Police. It was inaugurated with the vision of grooming members of armed forces and the Police for effective deployment in peace support operations in any part of the world and to become goodwill ambassadors of Sri Lanka. IPSOTSL is the only Sri Lanka Army Training Institute dedicated to training and preparing Sri Lankan peacekeepers towards providing specially selected units with mandatory pre-deployment training.

The IPSOTSL is established approximately 110 km away from Colombo and reaches to the extreme borders of KALUTARA district, which is next to the gem-rich, SABARAGAMUWA province and adjacent to the Hydro Power Station with a panoramic range of mountains. The vast majority of the area is surrounded by streams and is exceptionally rich in biodiversity.

The role task and whole matrix of peacekeeping are becoming multidimensional and there is a greater requirement for improved training standard for peacekeepers. Before embarking upon peacekeeping operations on ground, there is a necessity to conduct comprehensive training package for peacekeepers in achieving the required skills and standard to deal with multi dimensional problems.

Institute of Peace Support Operations Training Sri Lanka (IPSOTSL) is a prestigious institute of Sri Lanka dedicated to training of peacekeepers for employment in all types of UNPSO (UN Peace Support Operations). This institute fulfils the requirement of UNDPKO as per General Assembly resolution which outlines 'the necessity and responsibility of every nation to train their armed forces before any deployment under the flag of United Nations.

This esteemed training establishment trains all contingents in accordance with the UN training modules and selected capsules set out by the United Nations Headquarters. The institute also provides individuals from Sri Lanka and foreign countries with training for the role of military staff officers and military observers with the United Nations.

This prime institute is committed to training peacekeepers in many aspects necessary for individual UN deployment and covers subject like Logistics, Humanity in relief, disarmament, demobilization, reintegration, mine and explosive, hazard management and many more in related to the peacekeeping requirements. In addition, it provides a coherent security and peace building strategies that supports to restore proper government administrative system to the host nation. Sri Lanka proudly contributes efficient, effective and trustworthy peacekeepers to be deployed in different peacekeeping missions all around the world.

Gender equality is a core concern of the IPSOTSL taking guidance from the Sri Lankan social fabric. IPSOTSL frequently hosts foreign delegations comprising of UN officials, diplomats and senior military leaders. This prime Institute mainly trains military Staff Officers, military Observers, and Logistic Officers, in addition to mission-focused pre-deployment courses.

The Courses are conducted mainly in two streams: as Local Courses and IPSOTSL funded Courses. Further, this institute conducts the United Nations Protection of Civilians Course and United Nations Medical Responder Course for Officers and also facilitates the Human Rights and Humanitarian Law basic and advanced courses at this premises.

The Institute of Peace Support Operations Training Sri Lanka (IPSOTSL) is dedicating its duties to provide invaluable multi-role contingents to the critical and challenging UN peacekeeping missions in Mali, South Sudan and Lebanon. Further, one squadron of the Sri Lanka Air Force is performing duties as peacekeepers in the Central African Republic. Well qualified staff officers and military observers are serving at the United Nations missions around the world including the United Nations headquarters in New York.

Up to the end of 2021, this training institute holds the honour and pride to train more than 2000 Officers and 25,000 Other Ranks as Military Staff Officers, Military Observers, Military Logistic Officers and Contingent Members to serve in peacekeeping missions. Once the training at the institute is completed, selected units would be fully geared up with knowledge and skills as prescribed by the UN to undertake their sacred duty as peacekeepers.

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