"Peacekeeping is not a soldier’s job, but only soldiers can do it"



Plan, implement and supervise all overseas operations undertaken by SLA and relevant matters entrusted by Commander of the Army through Director General General Staff.

Planning of overseas operation of Sri Lanka Army, including deployments in United Nation missions, as directed by Commander of the Army.
Implementation, supervision and maintaining of all overseas operations Missions/Diplomatic Missions.
Projecting and recommending of deployments of Sri Lanka Army in the United Nations missions in liaison with higher authorities.
Liaison with local and overseas higher authorities screening of troops for violation of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights prior to overseas deployments.
Maintaining of financial votes pertaining to overseas operations.
Maintaining of details and records pertaining to overseas operations.
Implementing of effective supervision mechanism to ensure maintaining of high order of discipline by troops engaged in overseas operations.
Supervising of deployments of Sri Lanka Army in the United Nations missions.
Selecting of Contingent Members, Staff Officers and Military Observers according to Army Orders, procedures and instructions.
Formulation of Army selection criteria pertaining to deployments in United Nations missions.
Coordination of matters related to Peace Support Operations in liaison with local and overseas higher authorities.
Timely planning and supervision of ‘Contingent Own Equipment’ pertaining to present and future deployments.
Preparation of pre-deployment training schedules, programmes and year planner with the coordination of the Directorate of Training and the Institute of Peace Support Operation Training - Sri Lanka (IPSOTSL).
Handling of rotations and fresh deployment of contingents and individuals, in liaison with local and overseas higher authorities.
Coordinating Regimental Headquarters and ensure that pre-deployment training is carried out as per the schedules.
Handling of disciplinary issues of Officers / Other Ranks in contingents on abroad, in liaison with the Military Secretary’s Branch, the Directorate of Pay and Records, the Directorate of Legal Services and the Directorate of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law.
Preparation and forward of all necessary documents to the Ministry of Defence to obtain permission from relevant government and civil authorities regarding the United Nations Operations or deployments and other overseas operations.
Coordination and arrangement of special training requirements with relevant Directorates, Headquarters and civil establishments.
Coordinating the Directorate of Army Medical Services and the Army Hospital and assist Officers/Other Ranks in medical testsprior to training/deployment and direct them to the United Nations country office in Sri Lanka when required.
Carrying out Research and Development activities pertaining to latest technology, training and equipment which are required for the United Nations and other overseas operations.
Carrying out any other tasks related to overseas operations assigned by the Director General General Staff under the direction of the Commander of the Army.