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29th August 2022 23:19:07 Hours

In Service Training Program for Agriculture Officers

In-Service Training Institute located in Gannoruwa is the National Agricultural Training Institute of Department of Agriculture. The institute is responsible for providing in service training on new information, innovations, and modern technology in agriculture to develop the skills of the staff of Extension of the Department of Agriculture and Provincial Department of Agriculture. The training courses offered by this institute are very supportive for the improvement of their performances. With the intention of up lifting Sri Lanka Army Agriculture field In Service Training Program was conducted on 22 August 2022 at In Service Training School ,Department of Agriculture, Peradeniya.20 Agriculture Officers of Sri Lanka Army Corps of Agriculture and Livestock were participated for this training session in order to enhance their agriculture knowledge. The session was conducted As per the instructions of Director General Financial Management (DGFM) of the Army and Colonel Commandant of Sri Lanka Army Corps of Agriculture & Livestock Major General WBSM Abeysekera RSP USP with the supervision of Lieutenant Colonel DLCN Muththanthirige School Commandant Corps of Agriculture and Livestock- Aralaganwila.