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02nd November 2022 12:50:05 Hours


Sri Lanka Army Corps of Agriculture and Livestock Inter Battalion cricket tournament - 2022 was organized with the objective of developing interaction between mutual battalions and selecting much talented and potential players of the Army and grooming them further for forthcoming Army Inter Regiment Cricket tournaments in order to gain competitive exposure. This was commenced on 21 March 2022 and continued until 02 April 2022.

Finals were played in 11 Artillery Training School ground- Epologama on 02 April 2022 between 2(V) SLACAL and 4(V) SLACAL. The Centre Commandant of SLACAL Brigadier G B Liyanage RSP graced the occasion as the chief guest. 2(V) SLACAL won the match by scoring 142-6 and 4(V) SLACAL scored 140-10 for 15 Overs. S/W00599 Lance Corporal Lakmal UAU selected as the man of the series. Eight teams were played as Regemental Headquarters team, Agriculture Training School - Aralaganvila, 1SLACAL, 2 (V) SLACAL, 3 (V) SLACAL, 4 (V) SLACAL, 5 (V) SLACAL, 6SLACAL including Officers and Other Ranks.

This Cricket Tournament attracted more potential players and their level of experience in competitive cricket will certainly improve as a result.

Tournament format as follows:
Regimental Headquarters team : Captained by S/W00380 Staff Sergeant Chandrasiri KAPD
Agriculture Training School Aralaganvila: Captained by S/W00204 Corporal Dunumadalawa KPN
1SLACAL: Captained by S/W875246 Sergeant Rathnaweera VAM
2(V) SLACAL: Captained by Captain WGNP Madusanka
3(V) SLACAL: Captained by Captain DCD Kumara
4(V) SLACAL: Captained by Major MSBWTMKM Thennakoon
5(V) SLACAL: Captained by Staff Sergeant S/W00336 Navarthna JAK
6SLACAL: Captained by 2/Lieutenant AT Shan