"Prosperity to Motherland"


10th September 2022 14:28:32 Hours

Export Revenue to Motherland from Defenders of the Nation

After establishing Green Agriculture Steering Committee (GASC) by Lieutenant General Vikum Liyanage, Commander of the Army in order to bring more foreign exchange into the country through the export of agricultural crops, the Sri Lanka Army Corps of Agriculture and Livestock has already started several large projects across the country with the combination of civil sector. A 25 acres *Gerkin Cultivation Project* was collobaratively started with HJS Condiments managed under *Haleys Company (pvt) ltd* at *Army Farm Kandakadu* on 06 August 2022 *with the directions of the Director General Financial Management (DGFM) of the Army and Colonel Commandant of Sri Lanka Army Corps of Agriculture and Livestock Major General WBSM Abeysekera RSP USP and the Brigadier Arosha Rajapaksha RSP Director Agriculture & Live Stocks* Total harvest of 200 MT is expected from this project, which expands over an area of 25 acres. All 200 MT harvest will be exported to 49 foreign countries via *HJS Condiments.* Thereby, the Defenders of the Nation from *Corp of Agriculture and Live Stocks* contributes to bring much needed *Dollars* to the Motherland. As the first harvest of this project, bulk of 686 Kg was handed over to Haleys Company (pvt) ltd by the *Commanding Officer - 3 (V) SLACAL.* Harvesthng (from four stages of cultivation ) to be continued till 5th November 2022.