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20th September 2023 12:26:56 Hours

The Colonel Commandant Paid Final Visit to 4(V) SLACAL

Director General Financial Management & Colonel Commandant of Sri Lanka Army Corps of Agriculture and Livestock Major General WBSM Abeysekera RSP VSV USP paid a Final visit to the 4th Battalion of Sri Lanka Army Corps of Agriculture & Livestock on 15 September 2023.

The Colonel Commandant was welcomed by the Commanding Officer of 4(V) SLACAL, Lieutenant Colonel MMDSK Bandara psc SLAC.He sapling a tree in the respective camp premises to remarkable his visit on 4(V) SLACAL.He also destributed working dresses to the agrarians who working in farms under-commanded by 4(V) SLACAL & gave away a tab to the Advanced Level student who was son of our SNCO. During his speech he explained how this Regiment was raised with bare minimum facilities & challenges of covid, fertiliser, fuel and the effort taken to develop last two years and support nations economy.Further he appreciated the service and contribution made by officers and men of 4(V) SLACAL and thanked all who made to uplift the unit and Regiment.