Security Force Headquarters


In order to uplift the agriculture in KILINOCHCHI area. KILINOCHCHI troops carry out support with the aid of private and public sectors. Activities which are done by troops listed as link in below in detail.


1. KILINOCHCI District is predominantly an agriculture economy depending mainly on tanks and irrigation network. Paddy is the main crop and it is a surplus product.

2. About 24935 farmers and 19561 farm laborers are involved in agriculture and livestock in the District. The total extent of cultivated land coming under Major, Medium and Minor Irrigation schemes and rain fed paddy cultivation which is around 28,817 hectares but the highest cultivation recorded in 2017/2018 is 25,516 hectares.

3. The soil condition in certain parts of the district is more suitable for cultivation of vegetable and other field crops, high value cash crops and fruit crops. The development policy objective is to break away from subsistence agriculture by promoting high value crops under intensive and commercially oriented agriculture system since it will increase production, incomes and provide greater employment and higher standard of living.


4. Improve knowledge of agriculture among farmers, students in KILINOCHCHI area.

5. Provide resources to maxims crops amounts and facilitate reliable market in liaison with public and private sectors.



Particulars of Farmers



1 Agriculture Instructor Range   33
2 Agriculture Development Officer Division   8
3 Farming Famillies   24935
  Male 14,756  
  Female 10,179  
4 Farmers Organizations   121
5 Paddy Cultivation Land (Ha)   28,046
6 Other Crops Cultivation Land (Ha)   10,487

Source: District Statistic Handbook- Kilinochchi ( 2018)


6. The community needs to bring together to achieve main laid down objectives. In order to achieve the objectives Security Forces Headquarters - KILINOCHCHI were positively activate necessary action to improve livelihood of people in KILINOCHCI by conducting agri programms for people in the KILINOCHCHI area.