Corps of Sri Lanka Engineers

Motherland Honour & Service



With the expansion of the Sri Lanka Army, Corps of Sri Lanka Engineers also expanded to provide required combat engineer support. Therefore, Engineer Brigade was raised on 1 June 1988 and functioned under Regimental Headquarters. On 9 May 1996, Engineer Brigade started to function independently at Army Cantonment Panagoda. The first Brigade Commander was Brigadier TM Bohoran RSP USP psc. The Engineer Brigade played inestimable role in field/ plant engineering and vertical constructions during Ealam Wars and Humanitarian Operation. During post conflict situations, Engineer Brigade gave fullest support for the resettlement process and to uplift the livelihood activities of IDPs in North and East Area by doing Humanitarian Demining. Before inceptions of Plant Engineer Brigade and General Engineering Brigade, field, plant and nation building tasks were coordinated and carried out by Field Engineer Brigade. With the inaugurations of the new engineer brigades, responsibilities on field, plant and nation building task have been divided among 3 x engineer brigades and the Field Engineer Brigade was entrusted responsibilities on all engineer matters in Security Forces (Jafna), Security Forces (Wanni), Security Forces (Kilinochchi) and Security Forces (Mulativu) AORs and contributes with the most urge nation requirement of ‘Mine Threat Free Sri Lanka by 2023’ with Sri Lanka Army Humanitarian Demining Unit (SLA-HDU) functioning under this brigade. The Field Engineer Brigade is under commanded to Engineer Division and responsible for implementations and carrying out policy decisions and directives laid by Office of Chief Field Engineer through Engineer Division.

Following engineer units are operationally under commanded to the Field Engineer Brigade in order to facilitate dynamic plant and field engineer works:

  1. 8 Field Engineer Regiment
  2. 9 Field Engineer Regiment
  3. 10 Field Engineer Regiment


Our Vision is to be one committed professional team, which is disciplined in thought, word and action in achieving set targets.


Our Mission is to be a professional and disciplined force to achieve desired goals through Field Engineering whilst ensuring maximum support for Nation building endeavors.


The objectives of the Engineer Brigade are as follows:

  1. Command and coordinate under command troops on all field engineer matters such as:
    1. Explosive Ordnance Disposal.
    2. Bridging.
    3. Water craftsmen.
    4. Construction of tar paving roads.
    5. Operations with Explosive Detection Dogs.
    6. Assist infantry on field defence construction including mine laying.
    7. Assist infantry on camouflage techniques at field defences.
    8. Construction of Airfields.
  2. Command and coordinate under command troops on all plant engineer matters such as earth works, transporter operations and crane operations.
  3. Command and coordinate under command troops on humanitarian demining operations.
  4. Forecast, analyse and demand engineer asserts, fuel and lubricant, personnel protective equipment, canine required for field, plant, CBRN and humanitarian demining operations.
  5. Responsible on centralized distribution of available engineer asserts among under command regiments.
  6. Command and coordinate under command troops on research and development.
  7. Generate potential troops required for United Nations missions and overseas operations.
  8. Generate potential troops for disaster management operations.
  9. Perform any duty assigned by the Commander of the Army.



Lt Col T M Bohoran RSP USP psc
1996.05.08 - 1996.10.17

Brigadier M D S Chandrapala RSP USP psc
1996.10.18 - 1997.01.20

Brigadier E A D A S De Alwis RSP USP psc
1997.01.21 - 1999.01.27

Colonel A M A Chandrasiri RSP USP
1999.01.28 - 1999.04.30
2002.12.30 - 2003.11.30

Brigadier V N Wijayagoonawardana RSP USP Ldmc
1999.04.30 - 2001.04.16

Colonel M C M P Samarasinghe RWP RSP USP psc
2001.04.16 - 2002.12.30


Brigadier A M A Chandrasiri RSP USP Ldmc
2003.11.30 - 2006.03.01


Brigadier D M D Alwis USP psc
2006.03.01 - 2006.03.19



Brigadier A W J C De Silva RWP USP psc
2006.03.19 - 2008.01.24

Brigadier K J Wijetilleke RWP USP psc
2008.01.25 - 2009.11.01

Brigadier L N Wickramasuriya RSP USP psc
2009.11.01 - 2010.08.24

Brigadier K M U Wijeratna USP
2010.08.27 - 2011.08.04


Brigadier G D I Karunarathne RSP psc
2011.08.05 - 2012.12.22

Brigadier BB Randeniya
24.12.2012 - 16.2.2015

Brigadier H J S Gunawardena RSP USP psc
17.02.2015 - 26.08.2015

Brigadier S J M A R Seneviratne RWP USP psc
31.08.2015 - 01.07.2018

Brigadier A N Amarasekara USP ndu
01.10.2018 - 21.05.2020

Brigadier N P A Gunawardane RSP
27.07.2020 - 15.02.2021

Brigadier D P Jayasinghe RSP
15.02.2021 - 19.01.2024

Col F Joseph USP
19.01.2024 - 29.04.2024


Name From To
Col EN Ramanayake RSP 23.02.2011 25.02.2011
Lt Col SJMAR Senevirathne RWP USP psc SLE 25.02.2011 16.09.2011
Lt Col NKLSR Dias RSP SLE 16.09.2011 02.06.2012
Col NKLSR Dias RSP 02.06.2012 30.07.2012
Lt Col NPA Gunawardena RSP SLE 30.07.2012 01.11.2013
Col NPA Gunawardena RSP 01.11.2013 20.12.2013
Col P Wimalasiri RWP RSP 20.12.2013 01.04.2015
Lt Col AHLG Amarapala RWP RSP psc SLE 01.04.2015 05.10.2015
Col AHLG Amarapala RWP RSP psc 05.10.2015 04.08.2016
Lt Col WMG Weerakoon USP SLE 04.08.2016 13.12.2018
Lt Col CD Wickramanayake WV RSP SLE 03.01.2019 29.09.2020
Col CD Wickramanayake WV RSP 29.09.2020 20.11.2020
Lt Col KASJ Kodithuwakku Ptsc SLE 20.11.2020 12.02.2023
Lt Col NKBS Jayasekara SLE 20.11.2020 12.02.2023
Lt Col KASJ Kodithuwakku Ptsc SLE 05.06.2023 18.09.2023
LT Col SB Thoradeniya USP Lsc SLE 18.09.2023 Up to now


Senior Officers/Officers

1 Col HKP Karunathilaka RSP Commander Field Engineer Brigade
2 Lt Col SB thoradeniya USP Lsc SLE Colonel (Project)
3 Maj TM Liyanage SLE Brigade Major (Overlooking)
4 Maj RHI Prasanna lal SLE GSO II (Field)
5 Maj TM Liyanage SLE GSO II (HDM)
6 Maj PKS De Silva SLE GSO II (Plant)
7 Maj HGLP Jayasekara SLE GSO II (K9)
8 Lt (QM) UTMK Nalinda USP SLE Quarter Master
9 Maj SAAH Dias RSP SLE -

Warrant Officers

1 WO II Bandara SWS USP Artificer Sergeant Major (Field Engineer)
2 WO II Thushara Ranaweera HA Artificer Sergeant Major (HDM)
3 WO I DM Thilakarathna Artificer Sergeant Major (Plant)
4 WO II Jayapathma JHMU Chief Clark
5 WO II Nuwan Kumara SD Regimental Quarter Master Sergeant
6 S/SGN Pradeep Kumara PA Sergeant Major (Admin)
7 WO II Amarasinha RMSJ Sergeant Major (MT)