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Chief Field Engineer

Maj General SA Kulatunge RWP RSP VSV USP psc

Maj General SA Kulatunge RWP RSP VSV USP psc is a proud product of Royal College Colombo. Throughout his academic tenure, he distinguished himself not only academically but also in various sporting disciplines, including rugby, rowing, and cadeting. In the year 1988, under his leadership as the cadet sergeant, the Royal College cadet platoon emerged victorious at the annual cadet camp and received the coveted Herman Loos trophy. Having been selected as the best cadet sergeant in 1988, he represented Sri Lanka at the annual Republic Day Camp in India.

He enlisted in the Regular Force of the Sri Lanka Army on January 20, 1989, as an officer cadet. As the Company under officer of the Gannoruwa Company he was the first ever recipient of the Lt Gen LDCE Waidyarathne Challenge Trophy awarded to the overall best company of the Sri Lanka Military Academy. As an officer cadet he also had the privileged and honour of being the bearer of the President Colour’s of the Sri Lanka Military Academy Colour guard.

After completing basic military training at Sri Lanka Military Academy Diyatalawa, he was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant and posted to the prestigious Corps of Sri Lanka Engineers on January 19, 1991.

During his illustrious career as a member of the armed forces, Major General Shewanth Kulatunge earned a stellar reputation as a senior officer who served in important command, staff, and instructional roles. The senior officer has held many important command assignments, some are listed below:

  • Chief Field Engineer
  • General Officer Commanding – Engineer Division
  • General Officer Commanding - 23 Infantry Division
  • Brigade Commander - 522 Infantry Brigade
  • Brigade Commander - 232 Infantry Brigade
  • Commanding Officer - 1 Field Engineer Regiment
  • Squadron Commander - 9 Field Engineer Regiment, 8 Field Engineer Regiment
  • Troop Commander - 1 Field Engineer Regiment.

The senior officer, who was widely recognized for his skill and conscientiousness as a staff officer, has held the following significant staff positions:

  • Director - Directorate of Research Concept and Doctrine AHQ
  • Director - Directorate of Plans AHQ
  • Colonel GS - 22 Division
  • Colonel MS - MS Branch AHQ
  • Staff Officer I - MS Branch AHQ
  • General Staff Officer I (Operation) - Directorate of Operations AHQ
  • Brigade Major - 514 Infantry Brigade
  • Staff Officer II - 211 Infantry Brigade
  • GSO II - Engineer Brigade

After demonstrating his intellectual acumen and teaching aptitude, the senior officer was privileged with the honour of serving in the following pivotal instructor positions:

  • Chief Instructor - Sri Lanka Military Academy
  • Chief Instructor - Sri Lanka School of Military Engineering
  • Officer Instructor - Sri Lanka Military Academy

A key contribution made by Maj Gen Shewanth Kulatunge towards the intellectual development of military officers was the comprehensive report submitted after heading a team of officers to study the Army War College in India in 2019. This report was instrumental in initiating the Senior Command Course and influenced the Army’s decision to transform the Officer’s Career Development Centre as the Army War College in Sri Lanka

In addition to the achievements mentioned above, Major General Shewanth Kulatunge made substantial contributions to enhancing military and diplomatic relations with amicable foreign nations throughout his two-year term as Minister Counsellor Defence at the Sri Lankan High Commission in Pakistan. Above all, it marked a turning point in Sri Lankan and Pakistan military history, as his father, Maj Gen (late) Gemunu Kulatunge, served in the same position from 1989 to 1992.

In addition to his other noteworthy accomplishments, significant contributions were also made by Major General Shewanth Kulatunge to the pursuit of global peace while serving as a staff officer at the Headquarters of the United Nations Peacekeeping Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH), His unwavering dedication and immeasurable contributions in this global role emphasizes his resolve to promote worldwide peace and stability.

During his illustrious military career, Maj Gen Shewanth Kulatunge has followed many local and overseas training courses, programs, and visits. Significant amongst them is the Master of Arts in Strategic Security Studies at the National Defence University in Washington DC, USA, from where he earned the distinction of Distinguished Graduate, awarded to the top 10 percent of the graduating class. The National Defence University in Washington DC, USA has also conferred upon Maj Gen Shewanth Kulatunge the college’s War College Diploma for completing a senior level Joint professional military education program of graduate study.

Having also acquired a Master of Science in Defence Studies from the University of Kelaniya, he possesses an illustrious academic heritage. He excelled in numerous facets of this discipline throughout his academic career, including military history, national security, and strategic analysis. His commitment to acquiring a comprehensive comprehension of defense and security issues is demonstrated by this academic accomplishment, which establishes him as a valuable authority in these fields. In addition, his academic credentials provide him with a solid basis for confronting and resolving intricate dilemmas pertaining to security and defense policy.

Following are some of the overseas and local courses/visits attended by the senior officer:


  • Young Officers Course – Bangladesh
  • Engineer Officers Combat Engineer Instructor Course – India
  • United Nations Peace Keeping Operations Instructor Course – Mongolia
  • Air Maintenance Course – India
  • Annual Defence Dialogue – India
  • Visit on 5th India – Sri Lanka Army to Army Staff Talks (AAST) – India
  • Visit on Study Indian Army Military Secretary Branch– India
  • Head of Delegation to study the Indian Army War College - India


  • Basic Marksmanship Course - Sri Lanka
  • Bomb Disposal Course - Sri Lanka
  • Army Command and Staff Course - Sri Lanka
  • Humanitarian Demining Course - Sri Lanka
  • CBRNE Course- Sri Lanka

Maj Gen Shewanth Kulatunge is a decorated Army officer who has received the 'Rana Wickrama Padakkama' and the 'Rana Sura Padakkama' for his valor in the face of the enemy. He has also received the 'Vishishta Seva Vibhushanay' and the 'Uththama Seva Padakkama' for his outstanding, distinguished, devoted, and immaculate service to the nation.

Maj Gen Shewanth Kulatunge has not only displayed remarkable prowess in the academic and professional realms but has also left a lasting mark in the world of sports. His dedication to practical pistol shooting has earned him esteemed recognition, including the prestigious Army, Defence Services, and National Colours. Some of his notable achievements in the field of shooting are as follows:

  • Maj Gen Shewanth Kulatunge has consistently performed and represented the Army practical pistol firing team from 1992 to 2014
  • Captain of the Army Practical Pistol firing team in the years 1996 and 2014
  • Represented Sri Lanka at many international competitions as a member of the National Practical shooting team in the years 2006 and 2007

In addition to his exceptional accomplishments in practical pistol shooting, Maj Gen Shewanth Kulatunge has also made a mark in golf. His multifaceted talents extend to this elegant and challenging sport, where he has showcased remarkable skill and dedication. Among his notable achievements in golf are:

  • Overall Champion of the inaugural Army Inter Regiment Golf Championship 2011
  • Over 40 Champion of the Army Inter Regiment Golf Championship in years 2022 and 2023
  • Represented Sri Lanka as a member of the Defence Services Golf Team at the World Military Golf Championship in San Diego USA.

These remarkable achievements in both practical pistol shooting and golf underscore his diverse talents and unwavering dedication to excelling in various aspects of his life, whether it be in the field of sports, academia, or his professional career.

Maj Gen Shewanth Kulatunge is presently the chairman of the Sri Lanka Army Basketball Committee. The senior officer is married to Mrs. Varuni Kulatunge and is blessed with a daughter.