Corps of Sri Lanka Engineers

Motherland Honour & Service


Major General DKSK Dolage USP psc

Don Kapila Sarath Kumara Dolage was born on 03 April 1971. On completion of primary education at Sir James Peiris Maha Vidyalaya, Nanuoya and secondary education at Royal Collage, Colombo, he joined the Sri Lanka Army on 09 January 1990. He successfully completed the basic military training at Sri Lanka Military Academy (SLMA), Diyatalawa, and was commissioned to the Corps of Engineers on 15 June 1991; he was bestowed with the ‘President’s Medal’ awards to the ‘First in Order of Merit’ and the ‘Sward of Honour’ awards to the ‘Best All Round Officer Cadet.’

During his long service, he served in the operational areas in the capacities of Battalion IO, Adjt, Sqn Comd, and Bn CO in both Combat Engr role and Inf role. Whilst serving in the regiments in field, he took part in major counter insurgency operations conducted in North and East provinces. Also, he employed in several extra regimental Comd, Staff and Instructional appointments. Some of the important appointments are, SO 2 (Mil-Trg) at SLMA, GSO 2 and 1 (Ops and Trg) at SFHQ, Jaffna, GSO 2 (Overseas Trg) at Dte of Trg, Senior SO (Personnel) at UN Military Force HQ in Haiti, Col Comd’s Secretariat, Col GS at ARTRAC, DS at DSCSC, Chief Instructor at Officer Career Development Centre (OCDC),Comd 571 Inf Bde, Director Training at AHQ, 59 Inf Div and presently serving as the GOC Engr Div. He was decorated with a number of service medals for dedicated service and ‘Uttama Seva Padakkama’ for unblemished service.

His professional career is being shaped by a number of local and abroad military training and education courses. Some of the important local courses are: Fd Engr Course, YO (Inf) Course, Bn IO Course, Unit Acct Offr Course, and IHL & HR Course and Defence Advisor’s course. Foreign courses are: YO (Engr) Course in Pakistan, RSO Course, COBD Course in India and Master’s programme in the USA. He is a graduate of Army Comd and Staff College in 2004 and Malaysian Armed Forces Staff College in 2006.

His academic qualifications include: Masters in Def Studies from University of Kelaniya, in 2005, Post-Graduate Diploma in Defence and Strategic Studies from University of Malaya, in 2006, and Master of Arts in Security Studies (Civil-Military Relations) from Naval Post Graduate School, California, in 2016.

Whilst serving at ARTRAC, OCDC and Directorate of Training he contributes to the study, plan, and implementation of military educational courses for officer career development. He has been conducting lectures on International Relations and Strategic Studies in military training establishments.

He is married to Mrs Lilanthi and blessed with a daughter and a son.