Corps of Sri Lanka Engineers

Motherland Honour & Service

09th February 2024 15:10:26 Hours


A temporary bridge that serves as an essential pathway for 1000-1500 people in Dambulla- Galwetiyaya area, including school-going children, faced a state of unusable condition, plunging the local community into significant hardship.

Expressing concern over the state of disrepair of the existing bridge, Hon. Premitha Bandara Tennakoon the State Minister of Defense promptly informed the Commander of Sri Lanka Army Lieutenant General H L V M Liyanage RWP RSP ndu. In a collaborative effort, the Chief Field Engineer of Sri Lanka Army Maj General SA Kulatunge RWP RSP VSV USP psc and the Commander Engineer Division of Sri Lanka Army Major General DKSK Dolage USP psc entrusted 7 Field Engineer Regiment to take swift action. Responding to the call, the troops of 7 Field Engineer Regiment efficiently constructed an improvised temporary bridge utilizing rails and deck plates under the close supervision of the Commander Field Engineer Brigade Col F Joseph USP.

Hon. Premitha Bandara Tennakoon the State Minister of Defense who visited the site, commended the decisive action taken by the 7 Field Engineers Regiment. This initiative showcases the effective coordination between government officials and military forces, emphasizing the importance of responsive action in critical situations. The newly constructed bridge stands as a testament to the dedication and capabilities of the Corps of Sri Lanka Engineer Regiment in providing swift solutions to pressing community needs.