Corps of Sri Lanka Engineers

Motherland Honour & Service

23rd January 2018 15:41:51 Hours


The 22nd Commander of the Sri Lanka Army and the fourth Sapper Commander Lieutenant Gen N U M M W Senanayake RWP RSP USP psc warmly welcomed by all members of the Sapper Family on Thursday (13 July 2017) at the Regimental Centre Panagoda.\r\n\r\nThe Colonel Commandant Major General S Ranasinghe RWP RSP ndu psc, warmly received the Commander of the Army Lieutenant Gen N U M M W Senanayake RWP RSP USP psc at the main entrance. Thereafter the Commander reviewed the Guard Turnoutprior to the glamorous segments in day’s agenda. Thenby remembering, the sacrifices made by the all sappers for the safeguard the sovereignty of the motherland, Commander paid a floral tribute in respect of the fallen war heroes at the Regimental Centre monument.\r\n\r\nThe Commander was then, bestowed, with a parade consisted with 27 Officers and 242 Other Ranks by his own Regiment, while many patriotic songs flared in the air. There were significant audience over 1200, fall in line around the Parade Ground to witness this momentous and historic moment with evident pride. Then the Commander addressed all troops who were present at the occasion.It was not just a customary address in a parade. During his address, Commander emphasized about the patronage and the guidance that he obtained from all senior officers and other rankers from the corps to become a competent, proficient and charismatic military leader in the Army.\r\n\r\nThen, according to the day’s agenda, Commander of the army was participated the all rank tea party, where the Commander took time off to share few thoughts with the participants whilst enjoying the delicacies made by the Sappers. Thereafter, more than one thousand Sappers took the pride of posing for a historical photograph with the Fourth Sapper Commander of the Army at the Parade Square. Then the Commander along with the Colonel Commandant and few other senior officers visited the newly constructing Auditorium.\r\n\r\nAfter that, as the conclusion to the felicitation of the Commander of the Army,he had aninformaldiscussion with the Senior Sapper Officers in the Colonel Commandants’ Office and left his signature in the Regimental Visitors Book, coloration the event as a remarkable one.\r\n\r\nAll the Sapper Senior Officers, large number of Sapper Officers and Other Rankers,were participated for the occasion.\r\n