Corps of Sri Lanka Engineers

Motherland Honour & Service

23rd January 2018 15:41:44 Hours


Nepal experienced ever worse Natural disaster the massive earth quake on 25 April 2015 which was magnitude of 7.9. Due to this massive disaster, Sri Lankan Army dispatched first rescue team early hours on 26 April 2015 to Nepal. It was comprised with 19 Officers and 119 rankers to assist the Nepal authorities to rescue survivors.\r\n\r\n In first move, there were 4 officers and 10 rankers from Corps of Sri Lanka Engineers reported to Nepal. Commander Engineer Brigade, Brigadier HJS Gunawardane RSP USP psc also among them to see the feasibility to employ Engineer asserts to rescue people. First Engineer element which arrived to Nepal carryout preliminary reconnaissance and collect Engineer intelligence to commence the rescue mission. Later second move also has taken place on 29 April 2015. There were 2 officers and 40 Rankers with Engineer equipment. With that contingent, Commanding Officer 1 field Engineer Regiment Lt Col SPG Gamage RSP SLE and 40 rankers have joined with main contingent at Dolalghad where remote worse effected area located 60 km away from Kathmandu Nepal.\r\n\r\n Engineer troops have begun their rescue and relief operations from Dolalghad in less than 45 minutes of their arrival in Nepal. During the initial stage troops started to erect tents for wounded victims. Major task of the Engineer troops are keeping open and improving the road net work which has restricted the movement of rescue troops and take out people from remote area for treatment who was victim of the calamity. \r\n\r\n Followings are the main tasks have been carried out by Engineer Troops. \r\n\r\na. Erect field hospitals and temporarily huts to settle IDPS.\r\nb. Improvement road net work to rescue and provide necessary assistance to people in remote area.\r\nc. Provide transport assistant to access to field hospitals.\r\nd. Clearing of rubble and debris of building. \r\ne. Provide drinking water.