Security Force Headquarters

Special Projects

Tree Planting Campaign

Reforestation Programme has planned to execute in two stages and Commander Security Force (Wanni) is expecting to plant 45,000 saplings including kubuk, mee, satinwood, Teak, mixed with other edible plants in deforested areas in Wilpattu wildlife and forest conservation. 8603 saplings were planted during 1st stage in general area Maranchchikaddi, Srinath Nagar, Palsonikandal across 47.5 Acres. Approximately 35 Acres land has earmarked in general area Alkattuku, Kayakuli, Kalaru, kondachchi, and Senath Nagar to plan saplings in 2nd stage and initially planted 200 saplings in Kallaru area with the coordination of sponsors and other interested parties.