Security Force Headquarters

05th February 2019 20:52:09 Hours


In line with the celebrations of 71st National Independence Day, troops of 61 Division along with its under command Brigades and two Battalions organised series of Shramadhana campaign in different public places on 04 February 2019.

Representing over hundreds of military troops from Headquarters 611, 612, 613 Brigades along with 25 Sri Lanka Light Infantry, 17 (V) Sri Lanka Singha Regiment engaged in this Shramadhana Campaign with the supervision of General Officer Commanding 61 Division Brigadier K D C G J Thilakarathne RWP RSP.

Under this series of Shramadhana Campaign, troops of 61 Division cleaned the premises of Children Park in Vellankulam village. Subsequently, troops of Headquarters 611 Brigade cleaned the areas of Eechchnankulam Kovil, Pre School, Public Library and the road sides of approximately 1 Km towards the Headquarters 611 Brigade.

As another two programmes, troops of 612 and 613 Brigades launched a Shramadhana Campaign based on cleaning the premises of Sinnawalayankaddu Maha Vidyalaya and Government Hospital Periyapandiwirichchan respectively in order to prevent the Dengue menace.

Apart from that, troops of 25 Sri Lanka Light Infantry and 17 (V) Sri Lanka Singha Regiment cleaned the areas of Pompeimadu Kovil and PMCU medical centre respectively.

Civilians of the area appraised the military for their great contribution to make these areas clean and they immensely assisted military to success all these event.