Security Force Headquarters

03rd July 2019 16:40:49 Hours


The Commander Security Force (Wanni) Major General Kumudu Perera RWP RSP VSV USP ndu relinquished from his duties on 02 July 2019 and is scheduled to be appointed as the new Deputy Chief of Staff in Sri Lanka Army.

Major General Kumudu Perera was the 17th Commander of Security Force (Wanni) and he will be succeeded by Major General H J S Gunawardhana RSP VSV USP ndc psc as the new Commander of Security Force (Wanni).

In order to mark the relinquishment of duties in Security Force (Wanni), Major General Kumudu Perera was accorded with honours in prioritising high military formalities and norms by all under command formations during his final visits to 21, 54, 56, 61 and 62 Divisions.

The series of formal visits to each Division was come to the end with a grand farewell occasions such as all ranks lunch organised to appraise the outgoing commander Major General Kumudu Perera. There he was grandly appraised by all Officers and Other Ranks of Headquarters Security Force (Wanni) and all other under command formations. subsequantly Major General Kumudu Perera was presented with numbers of tokens of appreciation from Officers, Senior Non Commissioned Officers and Other Ranks on account of admiring his exemplary leadership and remarkable service rendered to Security Force (Wanni) through conceptualising many projects such as enhancing the welfare of soldiers.

In addition the outgoing commander of Security Force (Wanni) Major General Kumudu Perera was awarded with many appreciations from sister services and police for his humbleness and true gentle qualities when associating with those entire services.

It was much significant that the civil community representing Sinhala Tamil and Muslims too joined in giving their best regards to this exemplary character in wake of the untiring effort that he took for strengthening the community bond and enhancing the reconciliation among all ethnic groups.

The final segment of relinquishing duties was ceremoniously taken place at the premises of Headquarters Security Force (Wanni) with the presence of all General Officers Commanding, Brigade Commanders, Commanding Officers and number of Other Ranks representing different establishment of Security Force (Wanni).

The outgoing ceremony was coloured grandly with a Guard Turnout and Parade accorded by troops representing 21, 54, 56, 61, 62 Divisions and Forward Maintenance Area (North Central). There the outgoing Commander Security Force (Wanni) addressed all troops gathered at the Parade Ground while paying his sincere gratitude for the great support given as the dedicated and patriotic soldiers during his tenure. Finally, the outgoing commander wished all Officers and Other Ranks standing with great honour either sides of road while on his departure from the Headquarters premises.

General Officers Commanding, Brigade Commanders, Commanding Officers and large number of Other Ranks all under command formations to Security Force (Wanni) were present at the outgoing ceremony.