Security Forces Headquarters

24th November 2022 19:43:03 Hours


With the aim of improving the social standard and well-being of the people in 653 Infantry Brigade area construction of a permanent house was commenced on 9 September 2022 for Mrs. Rasu Kaliamma who living in Periyapandirichchan, Madhu. Under the direction and guidance of Commander Security Force Headquarters (Wanni) - Major General C D Ranasinghe RWP RSP and supervision of General Officer Commanding 65 Infantry Division Major General E A D P Edirisinghe and Command 653 Infantry Brigade - Brigadier D N C Serasinghe RSP USP and troops of 653 Infantry Brigade and 24th Battalion of Gajaba Regiment contributed their assistance with related to technical, engineering and labour support to construct a new house.

Mrs. Rasu Kaliamma is a self-employer and she lived in a small house with 11 years old daughter, 8 years old son and with her mother. Her beloved husband has died few years ago. The construction of new house based on government financial support.

A charming ceremony of handing over the house key was held on 17 November 2022 at Periyapandirichchan village and the house key was handed over to the beneficiaries by the Commander SFHQ (W) - Major General C D Ranasinghe RWP RSP, General Officer Commanding 65 Infantry Division - Major General E A D P Edirisinghe psc, Commander 653 Infantry Brigade - Brigadier DNC Serasinghe RSP USP, Civil Alfas Officer of 653 Infantry Brigade–Lieutenant Colonel G A D P Ganehiarachchi SLNG, Commanding Officer - 24 GR Major W D A Udaya Kumara GR and Divisional Secretary Madhu - Mr. K. Nijaharan also participated for the event.

Some essential furniture for house, essential dry ration pack and school equipment including books and bags for the children of Mrs. Rasukaliamma were donated during this event.