Security Force Headquarters

04th June 2019 14:24:40 Hours


Troops of 61 Division organised series of programmes on account of celebrating the 11th Anniversary of 61 Division fall on 30 May 2019.

The Division was raised on 30 May 2008 during the high intensive battle period in northern area with the aim of securing the captured area and relieve the 57 Division to continue its operational tasks. Initially, 61 Division was deployed with under command two Brigades at Gajasinghepura and later shifted to Velankulam on 11 July 2008 with three Brigades. Since then, the Division is operating in Security Force (Wanni) Area Of Responsibility ensuring its prime task. After the eradication of terrorism, 61 Division had to engage in numerous tasks such as resettling IDPs, launching Social Welfare Programmes while ensuring the security in the area.

At present, Brigadier K D C G J Thilakarathne RWP RSP is commanding the 61 Division as the 10th General Officer Commanding.

The day’s ceremony was commenced with plating a Sandalwood sapling at the premises of Headquarters 61 Division by the General Officer Commanding Brigadier K D C G J Thilakarathne RWP RSP. Later, he addressed troops under 61 Division appraising the dedication and commitments of under command troops. Further he stated that everyone should make the self-confidence and readiness to take up new challenges which could be confronted in future while maintaining the military norms and customs with high degree of disciplines. Then, the General Officer Commanding and all Senior Officers, Officers joined an all rank lunch organised at the Headquarters premises of 61 Division.

The series of Anniversary celebrations were come to the end with an alms giving for Venerable Maha Sangha who made their respectful presence to bless the troops.