Security Force Headquarters

05th June 2023 15:56:05 Hours


With the guidance of General Officer Commanding, 54 Infantry Division, Major General W W H R R V M N D K B Niyangoda RWP RSP VSV USP ndu psc, organized a spectacular ‘Poson’ Zone with the contribution and participation of the 541, 542, 543 Infantry Brigades and all under command units of the Division.

The commander, Security Force (Wanni), Major General C D Ranasinghe RWP RSP, participated in the event as the Chief Guest and District Secretary - Mannar, Mrs. A. Stanley de Mel, joined the ceremonial inauguration of 54 Infantry Division ‘Poson’ Zone together with Brigade Commanders, Senior Officers, Officers, dignitaries and Other Ranks of the 54 Infantry Division, where colourful, decorative and creative spectacles were displayed during the ‘Poson’.

The ‘Poson’ Zone featured a spectacular Pandal, a Mihintala replica, a row of colourful lanterns, a devotional song performance by local Tamil school children and army personnelwe and a ‘Bath Dansela’.

After the illuminating of the ‘Poson’ Zone, the creative lanterns created by the Brigades and Battalions and the unveiling of the Mihintala replica, which was designed to reflect the Mahindagamanaya. Finally, ‘Bath Dansala’ was opened for the people by the guests. Over 4000 people belonging to different religions and cultures participated. It was a great help to improve the religious harmony among the local people in this ‘Poson’ region and it was also highly praised by the people.