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In recognition of its services to the nation 1st Reconnaissance Regiment was awarded the President's Standards on 14 December 1998 by the Hon Minister for Power and Energy and Deputy Minister for Defence General A V Ratwatte who represented Her Excellency the president .


Consists of the National flag of Sri Lanka silk bearing in the center of its vertical stripes of saffron and green, the embossed armorial sing of the Republic. The Standard is ornamented with a gold fringe and to tussles in gold cord.


Consists of Drummer Red flag in silk embroidered in the center with the Double Headed Berunda symbolize Reconnaissance, the Classic Role Regiment. The sword carried on the right claw and lotus on the left symbolizes war and peace respectively. Having placed the lion symbol at the heart of the bird portrays the meaning ''IN WAR OR PEACE WE HAVE THE COUNTRY AT HEART'' This standard too is ornamented with a gold fringe and two tussles in gold cord.


These are made of local Jack wood. They have gilt metal fittings. The armorial sing of the Republic and regiment is mounted respectively on president' s Standard and Regimental standard.


The President's and Regimental Standards were manufactured at the factory of M/S Tri star Apparels Export ( Pvt ) Ltd. Both standards were Computer enhanced and embroidered at the factory of M/S Lanka mount Castle ( Pvt ) Ltd. Colombo. The pikes were manufactured by M/SE Francis Perera & Sons (Pvt) Ltd, Kandy. The size of each color (40 x 36), length of a pike (7'11') and diameter of a pike (1, 15') Confirms to use the usual military regulation for Colours.

The Standard used for the national flag in silk confirms colour code approved for the national flag by the Sri Lanka standards institute. It contains 795736 machine stitches. The standards used for the Regimental flag in silk confirms to the colour code as required by the 1st Reconnaissance Regiment Sri Lanka Armoured Corps. It contains 778500 machine stitches. The fringe tassels and the Cord tassels were imported form Pakistan and were a donation from M/S wail Mohamed and sons of Gujranwala, Pakistan.