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UDAWALAWE 175 KM (108 Miles) From Colombo

If you are intending to visit Sri Lanka or are already in Sri Lanka and are looking for good places or parks to visit, then here is one simple answer. The flawless Udawalawe. It is filled with huge parks that were built to provide an alternate experience of wildlife. The travelling there has cheap fees if we make comparison to the brilliant experience it gives to its visitors.

Udawalawe National Park

Thought watching Elephants and other wildlife animals doing their natural actions was hard? This hardship has come to an ease because of this enormous yet flawless park. From birds to Mammals, Udawalawe park has it all and in a large quantity too. All the animals are given good amount of space so that they can do whatever they want to, like they naturally do.

Udawalawe Wildlife and Safari

It obviously starts from elephants, UDAWALAWE is known for its elephants which are in a huge quantity, about 400. There are herds of them, bathing and playing and are given huge space for them to do whatever they like. There are beautiful peacocks all roaming around and dancing. It has its own safari resort and a jeep will be provided to the visitors so that they can roam around in the park with ease and can witness the animals easily as well.

Udawalawe Camping

It has amazing places to camp, there are a number of rivers that make it look very much appealing in terms of camping. It is a good place if one is looking for some adventure and a long lasting experience.