Security Force Headquarters

06th October 2020 13:28:43 Hours


As another step of environment preservation project, 'Ekwa Surakimu Nagenahira' (Let’s Preserve East Together), and ‘Ekwa Surakimu Polonnaruwa’ (Let’s Preserve Polonnaruwa Together) a conceptual notion of the Commander Security Force (East), was conducted on Sunday (04) morning covering the entire Eastern Province and the Polonnaruwa District in close collaboration with all communities and few organizations in the area.

The project was designed to highlight the significance of keeping the environment clean in the SF East area of responsibility and to implement the programme through the leadership of Army and the participation of the Army, all communities and organizations.

As the first step an awareness programme for school children commenced on 29th September 2020 and will continue till the programme is successful. Next, a sticker campaign was conducted on 02nd October 2020 to educate commuters of public transport to refrain from littering.

Religious Leaders, the Commander Security Force (East), Generals Officer Commanding of 22, 23 and 24 Divisions, Commander Forward Maintenance Area (East), Senior Officers, Government Officials, Heads of Civil Organizations, Principals of the Schools, Parents, School Children and Public actively contributed to the project to ensure a cleaner environment.