Security Force Headquarters

21st January 2019 20:49:50 Hours


The troops of Security Force (East) organized several programmes on Thaipongal day in collaboration with the Tamil people in the Eastern Province.

231 Brigade conducted a cleaning programme at PILLYAR KOVIL BATTICALOA on 14 January 2019. Further. Milk Rice, Biscuits and Tea Dansala was held on l5 Jan l9 at Kovil premises for devotees who participated in the Kovil Pooja.

A Milk Coffee Dansala was conducted by 232 Brigade together with 12 SLNG troops on l5 January at Kalawadi Kovil premises. Approximately 150 civilians participated in the aforesaid event.

A Kovil Pooja was organized by 233 Brigade at Periyaswami Kovil, Palchchani where nearly 200 devotees participated in the Pooja. Further, the gathering and children of Thilakawathiyaar Girls’ Home, Kadiraweli were treated by cool drinks and sweets.