Security Force Headquarters

22nd August 2019 15:47:04 Hours


Development forum of Arugambay organized a Half Marathon at Arugambay with the assistance of 242 Brigade. The theme of this year was "Rise up Sri Lanka”. Huge numbers of local and foreign competitors have participated. Massive crowd gathered to Arugambay to witness this annual event. 242 Brigade troops have given the fullest support to make the event colorful.

Winners of the day

Age between 13 - 17 (05 KM)

First Place - Abdul Samad

Second Place - Mohomad

Third Place - Mohomad Mursith

Age between 17 - 45 (10 KM)

First Place - S/383065 Rfm Kariyawasam KAVD - 7 SLSR

Second Place - S/378840 L/Cpl Dodanwaththa DWA - 16 SLSR

Third Place - S/Q103654 Pte Rathnayake RMV - 8 SLNG

Age between 17 - 42 (21.1 KM)

First Place - S/5E02848 Rfm Maduranga KN - 5 SLSR

Second Place - S/376317 L/Cpl Bandara MAA - 16 SLSR

Third Place - Kelum Darmarathne

Over 45

First Place - Pelonhost (Foreigner)

Second Place - Menshan (Foreigner)

Third Place - O/62982 Lt Col RSC Dissanayake RSP - CO 3 SLNG

The chairman of Arugambey Development Forum Mr MSM Wasith, Commander 242 Brigade Brigadier Damitha Ranasinghe, Director of the Aprota Villas Mr Prasad Liyanaarachi, Secretary of the ADF Mr S.T. Jahufar, Senior Members of the ADF and Directors of the Tourist Hotels participated too.