Security Forces Headquarters


    When the LTTE activities were escalating in the Eastern province, 222 Infantry Brigade was raised on 10 January 2005 in Alla Kantale area under 22 Division to ensure the normalcy in Kantale, Serunuwara and Echchalmpattu AGA Divisions. At the inception there were three battalions (7 SLLI, 12 SLNG, 2 SLNG) and 1SLAGSC det under command.

    The closure by the LTTE, of the sluice-gates of Mavil Aru which is located in 222 brigade AOR on 26July 2006, was a most significant and historical event for this brigade and the Sri Lanka armed forces as it was a crucial turning point in the Sri Lankan Civil War.


O/50878 Brig SAPP Samarasinghe RSP psc  10.01.05 21.12.05
O/50997 Brig SAAL Perera RWP RSP USP IG 21.12.05 08.02.06
O/60367 Lt Col  KLAS Wijesinghe RSP psc IG 08.02.06 08.05.07
O/60575 Lt Col  KGD Perera RWP RSP IG 08.05.07 01.07.07
O/60367  Lt Col  KLAS Wijesinghe RSP psc IG  01.07.07 05.07.07
O/60367  Col  KLAS Wijesinghe RSP psc IG  05.07.07 08.10.08
O/60728  Lt Col  SP Seneviratne  08.10.08 02.08.09
O/60728  Col  SP Seneviratne  03.08.09 10.03.10
O/60261  Brig  DDUK Hettiarrachchi RSP USP ndu psc  11.03.10 09.02.11
O/60405  Brig  BHMA Wijesinghe psc  10.02.11 02.06.12
O/60552  Brig  PI Pathiratne  03.06.12 16.12.12
O/60649  Col  KHPP Fernando RSP USP  17.12.12 20.03.13
O/60649  Brig  KHPP Fernando RWP RSP USP  20.03.13 20.02.14
O/60930  Col  MRKWB Pinnawala RWP RSP USP  21.02.14 05.03.16
O/61120  Brig  DMKDB Pussella RWP RSP  05.03.16 20.02.19
O/60839 Brig HMTB Hangilipola RWP RSP 21.02.19 10.09.19
O/62191 Col TC Peiris RSP USP 11.09.19 02.10.19
O/62205 Col MGW Wimalasena RSP 04.10.19 18.05.21
O/62205 Brig MGW Wimalasena RSP 18.05.21 13.10.21
O/62509 Brig KMN Kulasekara RWP RSP psc 14.09.21 26.06.22
O/62313 Colonel SJ Kariyakarawana RWP RSP USP 28.06.22 Up to date