Sri Lanka Sinha Regiment

Swift & Bold

6th Battalion of the Sri Lanka Sinha Regiment

On completion, the Battalion was deployed on duties at Nagarkovil.

On 2nd December 2004, Major WAKB Udalupola took over duties as the Commanding Officer.

In the aftermath of the Asian Tsunami that hit the Island on 26th December 2004, the troops of the Battalion rendered assistance to the civilians of Kodikamam and Chavakachcheri.

On 25th September 2005, the Battalion was stationed in Jaffna under the 51 Division as there serve battalion. The Battalion was tasked in providing security to Tamil political parties and Tamil politicians recognized by the Government.

In early 2006 the Battalion was placed under 511, 513 and 514 Brigades of the 51 Division and deployed to counter the LTTE launched attacks as well as to provide security to vehicle convoys.

This amalgamated 6/7 Battalion continued to operate in the 'joined' state for 6 years after which on 26th January 2006, the 7th Battalion of the Sri Lanka Sinha Regiment was re-formed at Pompemaduin in Vavuniya, thus, enabling the 6th Battalion also to function independently.

On 11th August 2006, Mandaitivu, which at the time was under the control of the SL Navy, was attacked by the LTTE. 2 Officers and 40 men of the Battalion joined with other troops from the 521 Brigade successfully countered the enemy’s attack.

On 10th January 2007 while being placed under command to the 55 Division the FDL at Muhamalai was attacked by the LTTE which resulted in the loss of (killed) 2 soldiers and another 22 wounded.

On 10th January 2007 Lieutenant Colonel DMHD Bandara RSP took over the command of the Battalion.

On 9th January 2008 while the Battalion was making preparations to launch an operation in Nawatkuli and Kilaly the Commanding Officer and the 2nd in Command were wounded as a result of an enemy mortar attack.

On 5th November 2008, Major KPA Perera took over the command of the Battalion.