Sri Lanka Sinha Regiment

Swift & Bold

6th Battalion of the Sri Lanka Sinha Regiment

On 3rd February 1997, the Battalion moved to Mannar to be part of 'Operation Edibala'.

The Battalion was then moved to Parakkramapura, Padaviya on 1st May 1997 to be a part of 'Operation Jayasikurui' to be launched from Vavuniya on 13th May 1997 aimed at taking control of the A9 road. As part of the Operation the Battalion was also tasked to secure the control of the Vavuniya - Mannar. The Battalion was successful in capturing Ninamadu, Olumadu and Kanagarayankulam.

In 1997, the Army faced several setbacks as troops were compelled to retreat from some of the positions held in the Wanni. Being part of 'Operation Ranagosa' troops of the Battalion were on the offensive in Priyamadu and were advancing when the enemy launched concentrated attacks on the FDLs at Mankulam and Oddusudan making the troops occupying the FDLs to retreat. Later, together with the Air Mobile Brigade and the 533 Brigade, the Battalions troops successfully carried out counter attacks against the terrorists and successfully established an FDL thus bringing a halt to the retreat.

With the Commanding Officer being injured due to enemy action, Major WAKB Udalupola took over its command.

The Battalion took a lead role in countering the series of offensives launched by the enemy code named 'Operation Unceasing Wave'.

Later, taking part in offensives aimed at liberating Puttur, the Battalion lost (killed) 5 soldiers while 11 more sustained injuries.

On 05th June 2000 Major JJ Mohotti was appointed as the Commanding Officer of the Battalion.

Since the number of personnel available for operational duty in each battalion had come down owing to personnel being either killed or wounded, on 15th June 2000 the Battalion and the 7th Battalion were amalgamated and renamed as 6/7Sinha Regiment.

The Battalion taking part in 'Operation Rivikirana' recaptured Chavakachcheri Townand in the confrontations with the enemy lost (killed) 7 soldiers while 39 soldiers received injuries.

The Battalion taking part in 'Operation Kinihira' launched on 18th November 2000 contributing to its success.

Arriving in Thanankilappu on 6th March 2001 the Battalion played an important role in 'Operation Agnikeela' launched at Muhamalai on 24th April 2001.