Security Force Headquarters


In order to uplift the education level of students in KILINOCHCHI area. KILINOCHCHI troops carry out educational support with the aid of private and public sectors. Activities which are done by troops listed as link in below in detail.


1. KILINOCHCHI district has the same educational system like the rest of the country. Though there is a need for a curriculum with regional focus in the district has not been implemented. To a degree administration has been decentralized but however, policy and financial decisions are still centralized. The provision of education is the function of the state and it is developed to the provincial education authorities, whereas the tertiary education and technical education are manage by central authorities. Mainly this region has only one educational zone with 4 educational officers.

2. There are 112 schools in the district out of 104 schools are functioning at present Only eight schools are temporarily closed. The student population is 32, 354 in 2017(According to zonal education office figures). The number of teachers serving in school in 2017 was 2070 with teacher's ratio 16 according to the zonal education office figures in 2017.

3. The Grade five Scholarship, G.C.E O/L and G.C.E A/L, Science laborites have to be rehabilitated and equipped to improve the teaching learning process. Schools have been given computers and instruction to teachers to facilitate students to acquire the Knowledge in IT.


4. To improve educational knowledge of students in KILINOCHCHI area.


Divisional Secretariat Type of School Number of Students Number of Teachers
Natioanl School 1AB 1C 11 111 Total Male Female Total
Karachchi 1 6 6 14 15 42 9125 9396 18521 1033
Kandawalai 0 2 3 6 13 24 2654 2674 5328 387
Poonakary 1 1 5 10 7 24 3018 3022 6040 443
Pachchilaipalli 0 1 0 7 6 14 1219 1246 2465 207
Total 2 10 14 37 41 104 16016 16338 32354 2070

Source: District Statistic Handbook- Kilinochchi ( 2018)


5. The community needs to bring together to achieve main laid down objectives. In order to achieve the objectives Security Forces Headquarters - KILINOCHCHI were positively activate necessary action to improve the student educational and social knowledge by conducting many educational programms for students in the KILINOCHCHI area.