Gajaba Regiment

Unity is Strength


Regimental Centre of Gajaba Regiment was inaugurated on 25th July 1989. Regimental Centre is the hub of the Gajaba Regiment that centrally connector to all the Regular and Volunteer Battalions. Presently there are 16 Regular Battalions and 8 Volunteer battalions administratively function under the Regimental Centre.

This organization is headed by the Regimental Centre Commandant who performs duties under the directions and guidance of Colonel of the Regiment. Main responsibility of the Regimental Centre is to ensure proper existence of all administrative matters of battalions in liaison with the Army Headquarters such as distribution/ posting of officers and Other Ranks to all Gajaba installations and outside of Gajaba Regiment, promotion recommendation of officers, promotions of Other Ranks within the battalions, coordinate and conduct of all kinds of training for officers and Other Ranks, nominating personnel for UN missions, coordinate all ceremonial matters, coordinate of all financial matters, coordinate recruiting for the Regiment and ensure all the other administrative and logistic system of the Regiment functioning efficiently. For this purpose, the Regimental Centre is mainly divided into three brances - General Branch, Administrative Branch and Logistic Branch.


  Appointment Name
1 Colonel of the Regiment Lt Gen LHSC Silva WWV RWP RSP VSV USP ndc psc
2. Centre Commandant Brig U K D D P Udugama RWP RSP USP psc
3. Deputy Centre Commandant Col MN Fernando RSP
4. GSO I Lt Col LR WIjerathna USP
5. SO I(A) Lt Col DPSI Dias RSP
6. SO I (Log) Lt Col D Sooriyaarachchi RWP RSP
7. SO I (Vol) Lt Col K G K Priyantha
8. Adjutant Major L H W B I Silva RWP RSP
9. RSM WO I K W M Warakawala RWP