Gajaba Regiment

Unity is Strength


It is a well known fact that Gajaba Regiment has been able to surprise the enemy at the battle front by displaying their military capability. The main reason behind this is the correct and courageous leadership of the Gajaba family and the military excellence gained by constant military training and exercises.
Soldiers of Gajaba always concentrate on the art of taking correct aim and firing accurately with the weapon at hand at the enemy in the battlefield. It is at a time of need when a firing range was most needed for the regiment and that a firing range was established at the regimental headquarters.
The firing range located behind the super cross racing track takes a significant place. This range which is the only complete firing range in the North Central province for military and police personnel The range has produced many talented marksmen to the battlefield.
The firing range consists of a separate range for pistol firing. A 200m firing range and a 300m firing range are designed systematically and used by the tri forces as well as the Civil Defence Force. This firing range will undoubtedly continue to provide sustenance for future endeavors as well.