Gajaba Regiment

Unity is Strength

18th February 2024 08:51:30 Hours


On the direction of Colonel of the Regiment and Commander of the Army Lieutenant General Vikum Liyanage RWP RSP ndu, the Regimental Centre inaugarated the DSCSC entrence exam refresher course at the Regimental HQ on Saturday 17 with the participation of 9 student Officers from the Gajaba Regiment and 5 student officers from the SLNG.

The opening remarks of the refresher course was delivered by the Centre Commandant Brigadier Aruna Wijekoon USP ndc where he emphasized the importance of being qualified in DSCSC in order them to secure their career progression and career opportunities.

Later, Major General Buddhika Perera RWP USP ndu psc the Military Secretary and Major General Dinesh Udugama RWP RSP USP ndc psc the Commandant Army War College made a virtual address to all the student officers and educated them about the vital aspects of being qualified in psc and made inspirational remarks for them to be prepared for the DSCSC selection exam.

The DS panel of this refresher course consists of Colonel Jagath Hemachandra RSP psc Commander 112 Infantry Brigade and Regimental Staff Officers were present at this occasion.