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9th Battalion the Gajaba Regiment was raised on 08th March 1993 as a regular RFT battalion. Initially it was deployed at Kytes with 18 x Offrs and 509 x ORs. Then, this battalion was amalgamated with 4th Battalion the Gajaba Regiment due to paucity of troops during the Operation JAYASIKURU on 01st June 2000. Then later, it was identified that, Gajaba regiment need more battalions to face the war circumstances at the time, and was re-raised on 04th February 2004 at Saliyapura with 10 x Offrs and 501 x ORs. 9 GR have been participated for last humanitarian operation with much dedication and bravery. Over and above, the Offrs and Men in the battalion had gained much experience as well as many achievements as an infantry battalion..

During the humanitarian operation 02 x 88 were sacrificed their lives for the betterment of the Nation and 01 x 17 were MIA, total number of wounded are more than 20 Offrs and 672 ORs. The battalion had been awarded with 15 x RWP and 105 x RSP gallantry medals. Presently the battalion is located at Nelumwewa - Janakapura (Welioya) in Mulathivu district and under command to 21 Inf Div, under 211 Inf Bde in SFHQ (W) theater.

The Names of the Commanding Officers.

Srn  Name From To
1.  Lt Col AD Subasinghe RSP 1993.03.08 1996.01.01
2  Lt Col PJ Wickramasooriya RWP RSP 1996.01.01 1997.10.01
3.  Major CJS Weerakoon RWP RSP 1997.10.01 1998.03.01
4.  Major SPA Rodrigo RWP RSP 1998.03.01 2000.06.11
5.  Lt Col GS B Thenne RSP 2004.02.04 2007.04.21
6.  Lt Col NC Somaweera RWP RSP 2007.04.21 2009.06.17
7.  Lt Col LPK C Wijethunge RSP psc 2009.06.17 2011.06.30
8.  Major MAHW Premachandra RSP (Acting) 2011.06.30 2011.09.08
9.  Col DG Hewage RSP 2011.09.09 2012.06.25
10.  Lt Col MWS Millagala RWP RSP psc 2012.06.26 2014.07.24
11.  Lt Col WAJ Hemachandra RSP psc 2014.07.24 2017.07.12
12. Maj NRM De Silva psc 2017.07.25 2019.08.14
13. Maj MTM Dissanayake RWP RSP 2019.08.15 08.08.2021
14. Lt Col RWGS Munasinghe RSP 2021.09.08 2023.03.03
15. Maj DSM Dissanayake USP 2023.03.08 Up to date
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9th Battalion the Gajaba Regiment
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