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8th Battalion of Gajaba Regiment


In the quest for lasting peace in Sri Lanka, in every juncture of the difficult journey, the active mediating of the Gajaba Regiment had been a necessary hallmark that deserves attention. During the time, the combating units of the regiment was spreading its control with a massive success in the battle front, the formation of another attached battalion to the Gajaba family was made. At the auspicious time 9.00 o’clock in the morning of 20th October 1992, the birth of the 8th sibling of the Gajaba family occurred at the Saliyapura Army camp. Major T.B.Morseth RWP was designated the first commanding officer of this unit.

After establishment of battalion firstly attended duty under 5th brigade in Mannar distric. Battalion HQ and A coy was established in the Silawathura camp and B coy was established at Kokkupadayan and C,D coy was established at Kondachchi camp. Major LHSC Silva appointed as second in commander of battalion and Captain GHSBJ Werasooriya, captain MDP Sarathkumara, captain DS Ariyawansha and captain WAM Werasooriya appointed as officer commanding in order to A,B,C,D coy and Captain NR Lamahewage appointed as fist adjutant of the battalion. WO2 Chandrasiri became fist overlooking RSM of the battalion.

The unit had been very successful in combating and controlling terrorist activities in and around the coastal area of Kondachchi and Kokkupadadayan while assuring the safety of the area and the unit was able to perform the assigned tasks and maintain all worked out task in an excellent manner after being strengthened by new recruits and officers. The regiment was able to perform its duties very efficiently hand in hand with the other regiments that were performing active duties in the war affected areas. The main reason for the success of the unit can be attributed to the mutual understanding that was established between the officers and other rank staff.

The unit was affiliated to 14th Bn Gajaba Regiment on 18th October 1999 on a decision taken by the high command of the Army while serving the country by regularly carrying out operational activities to maintain peace and order in Paranthan, Elefantpass and Settikadu areas for more than two years from 04th September 1998.

Due to the necessities brought about by the dearth of combatants after the heavy battle of Alimankada and for re-organizing the unit, the 8th battalion was amalgamated with the 1st regiment of under Army high command order 28/20-pra/mang 67/51 (6).

Battalion amalgamation with the 1st battalion after one year period assent by ARO 18/2001/G//51 (6) to function as indipendant unit. Maj SADNJ Suraweera RSP became first Commanding Officer of the battalion. Battalion was consisting with six companies. The unit was established with the HQ coy, A coy, B coy, C coy, D coy and the SP coy in the Saliyapura camp, on 20.06.2001 at the auspicious time, 0957, after the reestablishment of the 8th Gajaba Regiment with a limited number of solders consisting of (15x502) solders. After the reestablishment, the first, second in commanding was held by major WMJRK Senarathne. Duties were assumed Lieutenant MAHW Premachandra as the first Adjutant and WO1 WADE Ligori as the regiment sergeant major. The officer commanding positions in the coy were held as A coy Captain WMCK Wanasinghe, B coy Captain RMAB Rathnayake, C coy Captain HMP Heenkenda, D coy Lieutenant HAW Thisera and Sp coy Major SB Amunugama RSP.

After re-establishment of the battalion vastly involved and accomplishes many operational task as well as North and East humanitarian operation. In the Pudumathalan operation this battalion has committed highly merging task. After getting peace in the all over the country in 17 October 2009 all the Battalion were come to Anuradhapura and established in GRC Saliyapura which is area opportunity we got comparing with other brother Battalion. In October 2009, 10X300 sldr of this Battalion got chance to provide security for his Excellency president Mahindra Rajapaksha while visiting of Anuradhapura.

In 16 th November 2009 battalion face to another special in lament to search Ram who was eschew from the prison in 9th November 2009 mission was get success after capturing taciturn terrorist. In 31st January 2010 battalion was establish present location in Matale Thawalankooya camp. 8th battalion the Gajaba Regiment presently achieving his duty as army commander's reserve battalion.

The Names of the Commanding Officers.

Srn  Name From To
1. Maj TB Morseth RWP 20.10.1992 02.12.1993
2 Lt Col TB Morseth RWP 02.12.1993 22.08.1995
3. Major LHSC Silva WWV RWP RSP 22.08.1995 01.01.1996
4. Major MMRK Wanninayake RSP 01.01.1996 20.05.1997
5. Lt Col MMRK Wanninayake RSP 20.05.1997 05.06.1998
6. Maj EMSVB Ekanayake  RSP 05.06.1998 10.05.2000
7. Maj SADNJ Suraweera RSP 20.06.2001 21.10.2002
8. Lt Col HRN Fernando RSP 21.10.2002 31.12.2005
9. Lt Col HLVM  Liyanage RSP 01.01.2006 23.06.2006
10. Maj JMNK Jayasundara 23.06.2008 10.11.2008
11. Lt Col WGWWWMCB Wickramasingha psc 10.11.2008 18.11.2011
12. Lt Col WHKS Peiris RSP 16.11.2011 01.11.2013
13. Col WHKS Peiris RSP 01.11.2013 26.03.2014
14. Maj MAHW Premachandra RSP 26.03.2014 10.10.2014
15. Lt Col MAHW Premachandra RSP 10.10.2014 03.01.2017
16. Lt Col BADNK Bulathsinghala RWP RSP psc 03.01.2017 27.01.2019
17. Maj IADRP Gunathilake RWP USP 28.01.2019 03.02.2020
18. Lt Col IADRP Gunathilake RWP USP 04.02.2020 18.01.2021
19. Maj HMAAB Heenkenda RWP RSP 18.01.2021 21.06.2021
20. Lt Col HMAAB Heenkenda RWP RSP 19.07.2021 15.08.2022
21. Maj YSHNP Silva USP psc 15.08.2022 09.10.2022
22. LT Col YSHNP Silva USP psc 09.10.2022 Up to Now
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