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This regiment inaugurated on 12th January 1986 as the second regular member of the Gajaba family. This inaugurated by the approval of the army order 5/86. The first battalion fulfilled troops and other needs for the commencement of this 3rd battalion. Maj STT Jayasundara was the first commanding officer of this battalion. Second in command not appointed due to lack of senior officers. Maj S Wanigasekara appointed as the officer commanding of A coy. Lt AF Lafir was the OC of B coy. Capt KS Rathnayake was the OC of C coy. Capt CRM Silva was the OC D coy. Lt WDN Feranando appointed as the adjutant. At the beginning there were 23 officers and 800 other rankers and WO I PWK Somadasa was the first RSM of the battalion.

Vacant appointment of second in command fulfilled by appointing Maj S Wanigasekara as the second in command of the battalion on 04.11.1986. Under the leadership and command of 16 commanding officer’s 3rd Gajaba regiment have done their duty to protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country against the terrorism to gain success from the mission conduct to make a peaceful society all over the country.

The battalion Supported more than 16 major operations to eradicate the brutal terrorism from 1986.01.12 till the end of Humanitarian Operation. To honour the valiant troops, 01x00 Paramaweera Vibhushanaya, 00x03 Weera Wikkrama Vibhushanaya, 21x62 Rana Wikkrama Padakkama, 22x140 Rana Shura Padakkama gallantry awarded to Officers and Soldiers of the Battalion.

The Names of the Commanding Officers

1. Maj STT Jayasundara Psc 1986.01.12 1986.09.11
2. Lt Col STT Jayasundara Psc 1986.09.11 1988.09.11
3. Maj S Wanigasekara 1988.09.11 1989.03.16
4. Maj YN Palipana 1989.03.16 1990.12.20
5. Maj TB Morseth 1990.12.20 1991.02.23
6. Lt Col S Wanigasekara RSP 1991.02.23 1992.12.23
7. Maj SWL Daulagala 1992.12.23 1993.03.14
8. Lt Col S Wanigasekara RSP psc 1993.03.14 1993.07.01
9. Maj SWL Daulagala 1993.07.01 1993.12.01
10. Lt Col SWL Daulagala 1993.12.01 1996.02.12
11. Maj GVDUA Perera 1996.02.12 1997.06.06
12. Lt Col GVDUA Perera 1997.06.06 1998.03.01
13. Maj GHSBJ Weerasooriya 1998.03.01 2000.01.18
14. Maj NA Dharmarathne RWP RSP 2000.01.18 2001.01.22
15. Maj CJS Weerakoon RWP RSP 2001.01.22 2003.06.20
16. Maj AI Marasinghe RWP RSP 2003.07.12 2003.09.01
17. Maj PJ Gamage RWP RSP 2003.09.01 2005.08.10
18. Maj HMTB Hangilipola RWP RSP 2005.08.10 2005.12.12
19. Lt Col HMTB Hangilipola RWP RSP 2005.12.12 2008.03.06
20. Maj KPSA Fernando RSP 2008.03.20 2008.10.02
21. Maj UKDDP Udugama RSP psc 2008.10.02 2010.06.19
22. Mal WAJ Hemachandra RSP 2010.06.19 2010.10.08
23. Lt Col TMRB Rathnayake RSP 2010.10.08 2013.08.07
24. Maj LR Wijerathne 2013.08.07 2014.10.10
25. Lt Col LR Wijerathne 2014.10.10 2017.03.26
26. Maj RMVWK Karunarathne RSP 2019.03.27 2019.03.26
27. Maj JPNB Jayasooriya USP 2019.03.27 2020.03.15
28. Maj SK Ambagahaduwa RSP psc 2020.03.16 2022.02.04
29. Lt Col SK Ambagahaduwa RSP USP psc 2022.02.04 2022.05.06
30. Maj S Senevirathne RWP RSP USP 2022.05.06 up to now
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