Gajaba Regiment

Unity is Strength



It was established under the command of the O/61646 Lieutenant Colonel KPSA  Fernando RSP for the first time, on 18th of August 2009 in the Gajaba Regiment Center for the duty and centered on 4th September 2009 in Chundikulam, Jaffna which annexed to the area that belongs to the Security Force Head Quarters (J), under the 551 Brigade, 55 Division.

At there, unit fulfilled the duties that assigned to them in an eminent manner, awarded to the praise of the Commander of the Security Force Head Quarters (J) and other Senior Officers, and accredited the security of the Jaffna town on 18th October 2010. Accordingly, the unit centered in Hospital Road, Jaffna and performed their duties by promoting the harmony with the people in an eminent manner.

With the request of the Commanding Officers and to build the co-operation, unity and peace of the officers, other ranks that came for the unit establishment day, the unit reported to the Fight Training School, Valamandiya on 15th  February 2011.

At there unit completed the Training Course for a period of 1 ½ months in a successful manner, and arrived again to the Hospital Road, Jaffna and initiated the duties routinely. On 7th October 2011, Senior Officer O/61646 Lieutenant Colonel KPSA Fernando RSP, and the first Commanding Officer leaved and on that day, Senior Officer, Lieutenant Colonel WMAB Wijekoon appointed as the new Commanding Officer of the unit. The camp situated in Hospital Road, Jaffna was civil people residences and because of handing -over that residence to them the unit wanted to construct a new permanent camp and then centered in Meenachchi Amman Road, Jaffna. After that the unit reported for the second Battalion Training Course to, AIPT School in Eludumadduwal on 24th January 2013. After a successful Battalion Training Course, on 12th of March 2013 again centered in the Meenachchi Amman Road, Jaffna and continuously served for the civil people lives in Jaffna by promoting the Harmony, peace and unity.

Lt Col WMAB Wijekoon handed over his duties to the newly appointed overlooking commanding officer Major SPCK Senarath RWP on 19.02.2015.As for the Army requirement 23rd battalion the Gajaba regiment now deployed in Palatupana, Yala from 08.05.2016 to continue duties.

The Names of the Commanding Officers.

Srn  Name From To
1. Lt Col KPSA Fernando RWP RSP 18.08.2009 27.10.2011
2. Major HMC Pushpakumara 27.10.2011 28.12.2012
3. Lt Col WMAB Wijekoon 28.12.2012 19.02.2015
4. Major SPCK Senarath RWP 19.02.2015 10.12.2017
5. Major WBMMN Weerasekara RWP RSP 11.12.2017 11.12.2019
6. Maj WP Hemajith RSP 12.12.2019 10.10.2020
7. Lt Col WP Hemajith RSP 10.10.2020 10.01.2022
8. Lt Col KAS Gunawardana RWP RSP USP 10.01.2022 up to now