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22nd Battalion of Gajaba Regiment


It was establishes by 5X146 of 9th battalion of Haiti troops and 5X80 troops from the other battalions of Gajaba Regiment and 2X345 officers and recruits essentially after the basic training and altogether 12X571 as a newly established unit of the Gajaba Regiment at RHQ GR on 20/07/2009. Thereafter as the first duty was, providing security to Madu festival firstly after thirty years of terrific wagging war and after successful accomplishing of that onerous responsibility the battalion was positioned at Pampemadu for providing security to thirteen rehabilitation camps in Vavuniya under 211 Bde on 18.7.2009. Within four and half years of duration it was done battalion training twice at the battalion training school Manikfarm and it was a fortune and glad to mention, providing security to Commonwealth in year 2013 in Colombo.Moreover in 15.09.2018 bn was redeployed in JeewanagarMurunkan under command by 542 Bde and 54 Div. In 16.01.2020 bn redeployed in RHQ GR Saliyapura under Command by 532 Bde and 53 Div as Army Commanders reserve.

The Names of the Commanding Officers.

Srn  Name From To
1. Lt Col DRN Hettiarachchi RWP 2009.07.20 2012.10.31
2. Lt Col RNR Sirisena RWP RSP psc 2012.10.31 2014.02.23
3. Maj SAAB Suraweera RWP RSP (Overlooking) 2014.02.23 2014.05.28
4. Maj KR Kalupahana RSP 2014.05.29 2017.05.29
5. Maj MP Samarasekara RWP RSP 2017.05.29 2019.05.12
6. Maj HPA Senarathne RWP RSP 2019.05.13 2020.05.18
7. Lt Col HPA Senarathne RWP RSP USP 2020.05.19 19.01.2021
8. Lt Col BSK Jayasundara 12.01.2021 08.08.2022
9. Maj KP Rohan kumara RWP RSP psc 08.08.2022 Up to Date
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22nd Battalion the Gajaba Regiment
The Gajaba Regimental Centre Home of Gajaba

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0253778068 (Fax)