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20th Battalion of Gajaba Regiment


The 20th Battalion of Gajaba Regiment was established as a new regiment according to the Behavioral order 80/2008 and dated 05.12.2008 at the auspicious time of 1053hours on the 01 day of January in the year 2009 by the approval of former Army commander, General GSC Fonseka, Rwp Rsp Vsv Usp Rcds psc. This historical moment was delighted consisting with major RMAB Rathnayake psc as the first acting commanding officer including other 09 officers and 435 other ranks legionaries at that commencing occasion.

On the day of 06.01.2009, having left the home of Gajaba and attaching to the 3rd operational brigade under the 631 brigade headquarters, stared the operational duties in Mankulam and Olumadu areas and acted as a combat battalion in the operation capturing the power in the area of Udayaramkattukulam.

Then battalion was temporally deploy at 5 (v) MIR rear hq at Maberiyatenna to release the troops of 10 GR on 06.10.2012. Again battalion was deploy at Baratipuram camp at the kilinocchi. After hand over maberiya thenna camp to troops of 10 GR. On 28.02.2013 battalion deploy at 7 SLSC at Uilankulam.

Again battalion was deploy at Saliypura RHQGR camp after hand over Uilankulama camp to troops of 1 GR. On 09.06.2016 Bn deploy at RHQGR where the present deployment of the battalion.

The Names of the Commanding Officers.

Srn  Name From To
1. Major RMAB Rathnayaka 2009.01.01 2009.01.28
2 Lt Col TMGK Peiris RWP 2009.01.28 2011.09.30
3. Lt Col MWDN Mediwake 2011.11.02 2015.01.26
4. Major RMHPK Rathnayake 2015.01.26 2016.07.28
5. Lt Col RMHPK Rathnayake 2016.07.28 2018.02.20
6. Maj BGALW Sapugoda RWP RSP 2018.02.21 2020.03.11
7. Maj WMWD Weerasooriya RWP RSP 2020.03.12 2021.09.19
8. Lt Col WMWD Weerasooriya RWP RSP 19.09.2020 16.12.2021
9. Maj JAD Priyakumara RSP 16.12.2022 up to now
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