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The 2nd Rajarata Rifle Battalion established in the historic Fort Fredrieck of Trincomalee on 10.04.1980 under the army order 07/80 is the first volunteer unit to be established in an operation area. The first Commanding Officer of this unit was Major RV Cooray ED - 2SLAC who held Command till 15.02.1982. By this time the 3rd Rajarata Rifle Battalion had been established in the Minneriya area and on 15.02.1982 a joint unit of these two unit was established in the Trincomalee Fort Fredrieck on The 2/3 Rajarata Rifle Battalion. Eventually the 2/3 Rajarata Rifle Battalion was disbanded and re established as the 2nd (v) Battalion Gajaba Regiment with effect from 14.10.1983. Lt Col WR Wijerathna - GW assumed command of this new Battalion as the first Commanding Officer and Major SA Kulatunge the 2nd In Command, Lt HRLRD Silva the Adjutant WO I MLC Perera the Regimental Sergeant Major as another Appointments. Since there 14 Commanding Officers and 17 2nd   in Command Officers have served in this battalion.

With the uprising of the LTTE terrorist, this unit launched minor operations in Trincomalee, in order to suppress the terrorism, killing a large number of terrorist cadres and taking into custody many weapons, vehicles, equipment. While commencing in this manner, this unit was called up to indulge in the “Jayasikuru” operation, launched in the “Vanni” area on 14.10.1997 while operating in “Oddusudan” in “Vanni”. The unit was re-stationed in Muthur in the Trincomalee district on 25.11.2001. After that unit established in colombo area on 14.05.2005.  On 14.08.2006 the unit was recalled back again to the “Vanni” for operations.

With the commencing of the Humanitarian Operation of eradicating terrorists, this unit began operations with into fullest strength including parallel in the “Omanthei” front line. As the forces advance steadily with their humanitarian operation, the unit was stationed in “poonakareen” under the command of the 58th Div on 14.12.2008. On 12.09.2009 the unit reported back to Trincomalee for duties under the command of the 22 div at Fort Fredrieck. From the inception up to the end of the humanitarian operation this unit had lost 24 officers and 172 soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the motherland and another 18 officers and 244 soldiers were disabled in the warfront. For their service and bravery in the battlefield 03 officers of the unit were awarded with the “Rana Wickrama” medal and 13x30 officers/soldiers “Rana Sura” medal.

The Names of the Commanding Officers.

Srn Name From To
1. Lt Col  WR  Wijerathna 1983.10.15 1985.03.25
2. Major  B Jayasundara 1985.03.26 1985.05.04
3. Lt Col  WMG Bandara 1985.05.05 1985.11.22
4. Major  SA Kulathunga 1985.11.23 1986.07.16
5. Lt Col  G Angammana 1986.07.17 1987.07.10
6. Lt Col  SA Kulathunga 1987.07.11 1993.07.04
7. Lt Col  NWPU Navimana 1993.07.05 1999.07.11
8. Major PSN Amarasingha 1999.07.12 1999.11.02
9. Lt Col V  Nanayakkara 1999.11.08 2006.10.13
10. Major MKH Mayasingha 2006.10.14 2008.03.12
11. Major AD Hettiarachchi psc 2008.03.13 2010.06.30
12. Lt Col JSB  Rathwatte 2010.07.01 2012.06.21
13. Lt Col RMH  Jayathissa 2012.06.22 2014.12.12
14. Major  MGD Mahesh Kumara 2014.12.13 2016.12.14
15. Major  RMDB Rathnayaka 2017.01.04 2020.03.01
16. Maj KJNMUK Nawaratne 2020.03.02 2021.06.08
17. Lt Col KJNMUK Nawaratne 2021.06.09 2022.06.01
18. Lt Col W Warnakulasooriya 2022.06.01 Up to date

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