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This battalion had been established under the Army Routing order 55/2008 in 22nd of October 2008 at Illuppukadaweli Government School. Maj K P S A Fernando was appointed as the first Commanding Officer of this battalion and with 21 Officers and 504 Soldiers, the battalion was inaugurated. The first appointment holders of the battalion were Major W M A B Wijekoon - the Second in Command, Capt S D G Wisidagama the Adjutant and WO I D L Jayasinghe RSP - the Regimental Sergeant Major. To date, under the command and leadership of the following Commanding Officers, the 16th Battalion The Gajaba Regiment continuous to flourish excellently as a special fighting battalion.

The battalion supported a major operation and other operations to eradicate the brutal terrorism from 22.10.2008 till the end of Humanitarian Operation. This bn were captured the Mankulam town, Vishwamadu, Pudukudiruppu, Pudumathalan and Ampakamam. To honour the valiant troops, During the post-war era, this unit has contributed immensely to the development process of the country and protecting VVIP’s. This bn were dep at several locs and at presently located at the Thabbowa- PUTTALAM.

The Names of the Commanding Officers.

Srn  Name From To
1. Maj KPSA Fenando RSP 22.10.2008 10.11.2008
2. Maj RADS Shantha RWP RSP psc 10.11.2008 01.02.2009
3. Maj M S K Salgado RWP RSP psc 01.02.2009 21.02.2009
4. Maj K H N P Hennadige psc 21.02.2009 18.03.2009
5. Maj R A D S Shantha Ranaweera RWP RSP psc 18.03.2009 19.05.2009
6. Lt Col R A D S Shantha Ranaweera RWP RSP psc 19.05.2009 27.10.2010
7. Maj E N Kurukulasuriya RWP RSP psc 27.10.2010 01.11.2012
8. Lt Col E N Kurukulasuriya RWP RSP psc 01.11.2012 20.08.2013
9. Maj M N Gunasinghe RSP (Over looking) 20.08.2013 21.10.2013
10. Maj M S K Salgado RWP RSP psc 13.10.2013 10.10.2014
11. Lt Col M S K Salgado RWP RSP USP psc 10.10.2014 20.07.2016
12. Maj S D K W M M I Weliwita RWP psc 21.07.2016 20.02.2017
13. Maj D M P Amarakoon RWP RSP psc(Over looking) 20.02.2017 14.08.2017
14. Lt Col S D K W M M I Weliwita RWP RSP USP psc 14.08.2017 20.06.2018
15. Maj R M L I Rathnayaka (Over looking) 20.06.2018 17.08.2018
16. Maj S Rajamanthri RSP USP 17.08.2018 06.04.2020
17. Lt Col S Rajamanthri RSP USP 07.04.2020 25.08.2020
18. Maj W M M B Jayakody RWP RSP USP 25.08.2020 09.10.2020
19. Lt Col JWMMB Jayakody RWP RSP USP 10.10.2020 10.05.2021
20. Maj SSA Wijeratne RSP USP psc 12.05.2021 16.12.2021
21. Maj SAAH Subasinghe RSP psc Lsc (Over looking) 16.12.2021 24.01.2022
22. Maj SSA Wijeratne RSP USP psc 24.01.2021 04.02.2022
23. Lt Col SSA Wijeratne RSP USP psc 04.02.2022 08.08.2022
24. Maj SADP Jayarathne USP psc 08.08.2022 2024.02.31
25. Lt Col SADP Jayarathne USP psc 2024.02.04 2024.02.31
26. Maj MSS Fernando USP psc 2024.03.01 Up to now
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