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14th Battalion of Gajaba Regiment


After the “REWIRESA” operation Sri Lanka Army wants to increase security of the Jaffa peninsula. Army order 111/96 has published the raising instructions of 14 th battali on Gajaba regiment on 24th December 1997.  New member of 14th battalion Gajaba regiment was born in 27th December 1997 at the Saliyapura Gajaba Regiment Center. Maj NA Dharmarathna appointed as commanding officer in the 14th battalion of the Gajaba regiment.due to continues engament in virous battles and redendechy of troops, battalion has amalgamated with 10 th battalion Gajaba regiment.

In year 2007 ARO/59/2007 has been published to reraised 14th battalion Gajaba regiment. It has raised under Lt Col WMJRK Senarathne at Tennamaranwadiya Army camp on 04th January 2008. Maj JSBW Pallekumbura RSP psc appointed as second in command and company commanders are, OC A Coy Captain GA Wimalasiri, OC B Coy Captain DDNN Perera,  OC Coy Captain GKDSSP Dayananda, OC D Coy Captain AWVK Samarasinghe. Lt EMRMKB Ekanayake appointed as adjutant and WO I AMPL Sarathkumara appointed as the Regimental sergent Major.

After completion of humanitarian operation the battalion deployed in Wanni area under 56 Div and 563 BDE deployed in the WELLANKULAM, MATHIYAMADU, SINNAPURAWASAMKULM, ANTHARPULIYANKULAM, PULIYANKULAM areas. On 20.10.2008 Battalion was deployed in 12 Div under 122 Bde at Palatupan-Yala area. It had deployed covering over 1250 kilometers. It include mainly sector one, two, three, and four of yala National park.  Scince it has deployed more than five years in yala National park battalion redeployed in Jaffana town  on 7 th May 2016 under 512 Bde and 51 Division.

The Names of the Commanding Officers.

Srn  Name From To
1. Maj  NA Dharmarathna  RWP RSP      1996-12-10  1998 -12 -21
2. Maj  EMSVB Ekanayaka RSP 1988-12-21 1999-01- 26
3. Maj  SANP Suraweera RSP 1999-01-26  1999-10-18
4. Lt Col WMJRK Senarathna 2008-01- 04  2008-05-12
5. Lt Col  CD Ranasingha  RWP RSP 2008-05-12 2009-02-10
6. Lt Col  JSBW Pallekubura  RSP psc 2009-02-10 2011-10-20
7. Lt Col NAPK Neththasingha RSP 2011-10-20 2015 -01-08
8. Maj AMDB Adhikari RSP RWP  psc 2015-01-08   2017.12.31
9. Maj HRPSK Handagama 2018.01.01 11.03.2020
10. Maj OWDNB Owitiyawatta RWP USP 12.03.2020 14.12.2021
11. Lt Col OWDNB Owitiyawatta RWP USP 14.12.2021 19.05.2022
12. Lt Col DMDP Mirihella RWP RSP psc 19.05.2022 up to now
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