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The 14th Battalion of the Gajaba Regiment was officially raised at Regimental Centre of the Gajaba Regiment on 27th December 1997 in compliance with the Army order 111/96 dated 24th December 1997. The primary aim of raising this battalion was to liberate the entire Northern Region from the cruel clutches of terrorism. This initiative followed the successful "RIVIRESA" operation, which had previously freed the Jaffna Peninsula from terrorist control and instilled hope for peace among all Sri Lankans..

Major NA Dharmarathne RWP RSP was appointed as the first Commanding Officer of the Battalion to spearhead the said objective. At the inception, a group of 11 Officers and 601 Non.Commissioned Officers posted to the battalion from other regular battalions of the Gajaba Regiment. The command structure was further reinforced with the appointments of Major WMJRK Senarathne as the Second in Command, Lieutenant MDN Madiwaka as the Adjutant, and WO I HM Dhanapala as the Regimental Sergeant Major.

It is noteworthy that the senior members involved in raising this battalion played a significant role in ensuring the successful establishment and functioning of the 14th Battalion, which was formed with a specific and crucial mission in mind. Since then, 3 veteran senior Officers of the regiment have commanded the battalion as the Commanding Officers until the battalion amalgamated with the 8th Battalion of the Gajaba Regiment.

On completion of Operation Sathjaya, the battalion was deployed in the Kilali Forward Defence Lines under 52 Division. The battalion was constantly on operational duty in Kilinochchi and Paranthan areas. However, on 18 October 1999, the battalion was amalgamated with the 8th Battalion of the Gajaba Regiment since the battalion had been depleted by the shortage of personnel as a result of a large number of casualties and deaths caused due to high. intensity battle engagements in the middle of 1999


The 14th Battalion was re.raised on 01.04.2008 by ARO/59/2007 to fulfill the operational requirement that emerged with the commencement of the Wanni Humanitarian Operation. At the inception, Lieutenant Colonel WMJRK Senaratne was appointed as the Commanding Officer of the newly raised battalion. The battalion was first deployed in the Thennamaranwadi area of Trincomalee District. Major JSBW Pallekumbura psc was the Second in Command of the battalion, and rifle companies were commanded by Captain GA Wimalasiri, B Company Captain BDNN Perera, C Company CaptainGKDSSP Dayananda, D Company Captain AWK Samarasinghe, and Lt. EMRMKB Ekanayake was appointed as the Adjutant and WO1 AMPL Sarath kumara was appointed as the Regimental Sergeant Major


The 14th Battalion has played a vital role in ensuring sovereignty and territorial integrity with the pure intention of uniting our motherland under one flag by eradicating the brutal terrorism from its soil. The battalion was re.raised during the humanitarian operation to operate in the North Eastern front. The battalion launched its first operation on 28.01.2008 from the Janakpura Forward Defence Lines. The battalion succeeded in its first operation and launched into the deep in terrorist area about 8 Km, which had been in the clutches of the terrorists for a long time

Then the unit participated in the Kiriibbanwewa liberation operation causing devastating defeat to the terrorists. Since then, the battalion contributed to every military operation carried out on the eastern front under the 59 Infantry Division and managed to enter the Andankulam area, Thannimuruppukulam Lake, Otiyamale, Komalamune and finally captured the Mulaitive city.

After the completion of the humanitarian operation, this battalion was operated under the 563 Infantry Brigade in the Wanni area. The battalion was succeeded in establishing normalcy in the areas of Vallankulam, Mathiyamadu, Sinnapuravasamkulam, Antharapulyankulam, Pulyankulam. On 20th October 2010, the battalion was redeployed under the 122 Infantry Brigade in Palatupana . Yala area. It was deployed by covering 1250 sqkm that includes one, two, three, and four parts of Yala National Park. On successful completion of assigned tasks in Yala National Park for more than five years, on 07th May 2016, the battalion was redeployed in Jaffna city under 512 Infantry Brigade.

The Battalion headquarters was deployed near the Meenachchi Amman Kovil in Jaffna city premisses and three companies were deployed outside the battalion headquarters. A coy, B coy and C coy were deployed in the areas of Nawanthurei, Ariyalai and Jaffna Fort respectively. As per the new redeployment plan the B Coy which was located at Ariyalei relocated in Palpanni area and other stations remain the same.

The Names of the Commanding Officers.

Srn  Name From To
1. Maj  NA Dharmarathna  RWP RSP      1996-12-10  1998 -12 -21
2. Maj  EMSVB Ekanayaka RSP 1988-12-21 1999-01- 26
3. Maj  SANP Suraweera RSP 1999-01-26  1999-10-18
4. Lt Col WMJRK Senarathna 2008-01- 04  2008-05-12
5. Lt Col  CD Ranasingha  RWP RSP 2008-05-12 2009-02-10
6. Lt Col  JSBW Pallekubura  RSP psc 2009-02-10 2011-10-20
7. Lt Col NAPK Neththasingha RSP 2011-10-20 2015 -01-08
8. Maj AMDB Adhikari RSP RWP  psc 2015-01-08   2017-12-31
9. Maj HRPSK Handagama 2018-01-01 2020-03-11
10. Lt Col OWDNB Owitiyawatta RWP USP 2021-12-14 2022-05-19
11. Lt Col DMDP Mirihella RWP RSP psc 2021-12-15 2023-06-13
12. Maj AAR Perera RWP RSP psc 2023-06-14 up to now
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