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The 12th Battalion The Gajaba Regiment was raised on 8 October 2007 and is in the active Service for six years up to date. All ranks of this unit claim a high degree of professional competence and combat readiness due to their previous deployments on humanitarian operation and internal security operations throughout the Island. As such, the unit had been deployed in saliyapura, Anuradhapura from 8th October 2007 to 22nd October 2007.

The first operation of the unit had been involved to clamp - down the LTTE attack to the air force base Anuradhapura. After on 23rd October 2007 Under the 51 Division and 514 Brigade the unit had deployed at kaytes Island and serviced up to 11th January 2008. At Thanankilappu from 12th January 2008 to 24th February 2008. At Murunkan from 24th February 2008 to 8th March 2008 under the first Task Force Headquarters and 581 Brigade 12th Battalion The Gajaba Regiment joined to the wannihumantarian Operation. They Participated operations at Yodawewa, Parappakandal, Kalliadichchan, Udaiyadi, NothAdappan, Kareimuddi, Veditalathiv areas.

Then participated operations under the 582 Brigade Adampan, Uiyanlkulam, and under the 583 Brigade VanneriyaKulam, KarambaKulam, Pandiweddikulam, Eluppakadaveli, Mulankawil, Jayapuram, Chempankundu, Punarin, Kilinochchi, Paranthan, Darmapuram,Vishvamadu, Shanthipuram, Dewapuram, Pudukudierippu, Pudumatalan, up to welayamulliwaikkal the unit had raised their operations till end of Wannihumantarian Operation.

After the humanitarian Operation unit was established under mention places at Iranamadu from 22nd May 2010 to 8th February2010, at puttalam from 8th February 2010 to 01st March 2010. At Kandy from 01stMarch 2010 to 20th July 2011 had done VVIP and VIP duties. Then participated Battalion training from 20th July 2011 to 13th August 2011 at Battalion training School katukeliyawa. At Trincomalee from 15th August 2011 to 8th January 2013. After that deployed at Batticaloa 9th January 2013. The unit continues to perform the Role and task of infantry, VVIP and VIP protection as efficiently and promptly as legionnaire with in its area of responsibility under the security force Headquarters (East) till 07th May 2016. From 08th May 2016 onwards battalion was located at Defense Headquarters Complex premises - Akuregoda in order to relieve 10 GR. Now the battalion Located at Yala – Platupana and performing its duties under 122 Bde to ensure the safety, security & comfort in the AOR of 12 Division and SFHQ (Central).

The Names of the Commanding Officers.

Srn  Name From To
1.  Lt Col NDSP Niwnhella RWP RSP 08.10.2007 04.03.2008
2  Lt Col SB Amunugama RSP 04.03.2008 05.08.2009
3. Lt Col SB Amunugama RSP 05.08.2009 06.12.2010
4. Lt Col RPARP Rajapaksha RSP 06.12.2010 18.07.2013
4. Lt Col KHNP Hannadigepsc 06.12.2010 18.07.2013
5. Maj RPARP Rajapaksha RSP 18.07.2013 09.10.2014
6. Lt Col RPARP Rajapaksha RSP 09.10.2014 05.07.2016
7. Lt Col AGLS Samansooriya RSP USP 11.07.2016 24.03.2018
8. Maj MN Gunasinghe RSP 24.03.2018 01.01.2019
9. Lt Col MN Gunasinghe RSP 01.01.2019 22.06.2020
10. Maj MMAJJ Gunawardana psc 22.06.2020 09.09.2020
11. Lt Col MMAJJ Gunawardana psc 09.09.2020 16.07.2021
12. Maj MACR Makawita RWP psc 16.07.2021 18.05.2022
13. Lt Col MACR Makawita RWP psc 18.05.2022 03.03.2023
14. Maj WGN Weththasinghe RWP RSP Lsc 03.03.2023 Up to date
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