Gajaba Regiment

Unity is Strength



On the era of 1990’s Sri Lanka Army is expanding widely and systematically to defeat the LTTE terrorists who are threatening the territorial integrity and independence of Sri Lanka. The Sri Lanka Army Volunteer Force raised the 11th (V) Battalion the Gajaba Regiment as an another unit of the proud Gajaba family to fighting to protect the peace and unity of the motherland in this situation.

The 11th (V) Battalion the Gajaba Regiment was launched on 21.04.1994 at 0930 hours according to the Army Order 16/94 issued by the Commander of the Army on 21 April 1994 with the full contribution of the Gajaba Regiment, consisting of 15 officers and 423 troops including 140 recruits from the Boyagane Training School. The moment marked the beginning at the Headquarters 5th (V) Battalion Gajaba Regiment camp premises at Horowupothana

Major H H L De Silva from 5th (V) Battalion Sri Lanka Light Infantry as the Commanding Officer, Major V Nanayakkara from 2(V) Battalion Gajaba Regiment as the Second In Command, Captain P A D M P Wijegunawardena from 4th Battalion Gajaba Regiment as the Adjutant and Lt L L R Alwis from the Medical Corps as Quarter Master were appointed as the first officer cadre in the battalion.

Other key appointments were WO I RM Ratnayake who came from the 3rd Battalion the Gajaba Regiment as an Regiment Sergeant Major (Instructor), WO II Jayasinghe KG from the 2nd (V) Battalion Gajaba Regiment as an Regimental Sergeant Major (overlooking), and WO II Savarnapala SA from the 3rd Battalion Gajaba Regiment as the Regiment Quarter Master and Sergeant Jayasinghe KG from 2nd (v) Battalion Gajaba Regiment as Chief Clerk

After the traditional start, the four Companies deployed at Mannar area on 27.05.1994 for their first operational duties under the 5th Brigade Headquarters. After that with the operational requirements, battalion stationed at Pooneryn, Kiytes, Puttur, Mankumpan, Mandathive, Paranthan, Kilinochchi, Elephant Pass, Ayyakachi, Kilali, Palai, Kodikammam, Varni North, Allarai, Thambathottam, Thanankilappu and Mulankavil.

The Battalion is one of the Gajaba member has been able to build the high position among the other units due to its contribution in the operational duties. The Battalion participated in the operations of Riviresa, Agnikeela, Kinihira and the Northern Humanitarian Operation to gain peace for the nation.

Warriors have been awarded with 01 Rana Wickrama Padakkama Medal and 06 Rana Sura Padakkama Medals due to the dedication and skills shown in operational duties.

11th (V) Battalion the Gajaba Regiment is one of the heroism infantry battalion since its inception to the war launched in the history against the LTTE brutal terrorism.It can be mentioned as a battalion that made a great sacrifice to eliminate the terrorism by first thinking about the motherland and displaying the war craft in the battlefield.

After the completion of the humanitarian operation on year 2009, the battalion engaged and accomplished the next mission in the role of resettling the displaced civilians, which was started from 26.12.2009 at general area Poonaryn. The civilians of Nallur and Mukkampan villages belongs to Pooneryn District, Paranthan and Urathiripuram villages belongs to Kandavali area were resettled. On 27.02.2012 Battalion was stationed again under 65 Division Headquarters under the 651 Bde in Mulankavil area,after handed over the duties of 66 Infantry Division Headquarters

While performing the duties on the era of 2022, the Battalion deployed at Colombo visinity on 15.05.2022 to manage the civil unrest and to ensure the security of the country. After accomplished the mission received the battalion again deployed at Mulankavil area from 15.08.2022.

Further, with effect from 20.06.2023, the battalion deployed at the Akkarayankulam area under the 551 Infantry Brigade up to today .

The Names of the Commanding Officers



From To
1. LT COL HHL DE SILVA KSV 1994.04.21 1997.04.11
2. MAJ V NANAYAKKARA 1997.04.12 1998.07.06
3. MAJ JDCD JAYASINGHA 1998.07.07 1999.06.05
4. MAJ KP NUGEGODA RWP RSP 1999.06.06 1999.12.11
5. MAJ JA SARATH KUMARA 1999.12.12 2000.11.26
6. LT COL KP NUGEGODA RWP 2000.11.27 2007.04.20
7. LT COL WMDSK GUNAWARDANA 2007.04.21 2011.09.02
8. LT COL KKDR CHAMINDA 2011.09.03 2015.08.26
9. LT COL KPM De A WIJESINGHE 2015.08.27 2019.05.14
10. MAJ JWMMB JAYAKODY RWP RSP USP 2019.05.14 2020.08.20
11. Lt Col HPP KUMARASINGHE RSP 2020.08.20 2022.06.13
12. Lt Col WPT PERERA 2022.06.13 Up To Date


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